Invention for Anti-CD25 antibody agents

Invented by Anne Goubier, Beatriz Goyenechea Corzo, Josephine Salimu, Kevin Moulder, Pascal Merchiers, Mark Brown, Sergio Quezada, James Geoghegan, Bianka…

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Invention for Combination therapy of anti-CSF1R and anti-CD40 antibodies for cancer

Invented by Emma Masteller, Thomas Brennan, David Bellovin, Kevin P. Baker, Brian Wong, Five Prime Therapeutics Inc The Market for…

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Invention for Methods for eliminating cancer stem cells by cd47 targeting

Invented by David D. Roberts, Sukhbir Kaur, Chengyu Liu, US Department of Health and Human Services The market for methods…

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Invention for Methods for detecting and treating solid tumors containing stem cells

Invented by Max S. Wicha, Christophe Ginestier, University of Michigan The market for methods for detecting and treating solid tumors…

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Invention for Genetically Modified Human Natural Killer Cell Lines

Invented by Kerry S. Campbell, Institute for Cancer Research The market for genetically modified human natural killer cell lines is…

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Invention for Compositions for the treatment and detection cancer

Invented by Chi-Huey Wong, Tsui-Ling Hsu, Yi-Wei Lou, Chih-Wei Lin, Shih-Chi Yeh, Chung-Yi Wu, Han-Chung Wu, Academia Sinica Cancer is…

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Invention for Methods for cell culture

Invented by Holly Prentice, Janssen Biotech Inc Cell culture is a crucial technique in the field of biomedical research, drug…

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Invention for Compositions, methods and compositions relating to universal glycoforms

Invented by Chi-Huey Wong, Chung-Yi Wu, Che Ma, Han-Chung Wu, Academia Sinica The market for compositions, methods, and compositions relating…

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Invention for Compositions containing purified monoclonal anti-abeta antibodies

Invented by X. Christopher Yu, Atia Naim, Christopher A. Teske, Martin Vanderlaan, Genentech Inc The market for compositions containing purified…

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