New Business Guide for Minnesota Inventors

If you’re interested in patenting your invention, the SBA has several resources for you to get started. The website has several helpful resources for entrepreneurs, including an overview of federal contracting and a Learning Center. This site is an excellent resource for new entrepreneurs and Minnesota inventors alike. There’s also a website devoted to bringing innovation back to America. Inventors Digest has been publishing high-quality content for 32 years, and is the leading print publication dedicated to innovation culture. It’s also a valuable resource for independent inventors, as it provides tips, tricks, and resources to help them build a successful business.

Startup New Business Guide for Minnesota Inventor Patentable Invention

If you are an aspiring entrepreneur, you may want to consider the Minnesota Inventor’s Resource Center, a comprehensive resource that offers advice on every aspect of starting a new business. The Center offers step-by-step startup guidance, free business guides, and federal contract counseling. You can also sign up for monthly networking events, attend regular meetings, and subscribe to their newsletters.

Inventor’s Network

The Governing Board of the Inventor’s Network of Minnesota is an association of innovators, entrepreneurs, and startup companies, which includes over 500 members. It holds monthly meetings where members can learn from keynote speakers and exchange ideas. The organization also hosts weekly meetups, where Minnesota innovators share their experiences. They offer tips on business management, marketing, patenting, and other matters.

If you are an inventor living in Minnesota, the Inventor’s Network offers access to a wealth of resources. Half a dozen groups help members gain knowledge about their industry and strengthen their networks. There are also resources such as digital databases and in-person consultation sessions, which can help entrepreneurs turn their ideas into profits. Innovators can benefit from these resources, whether they are based in Minnesota or elsewhere in the country.

The Inventor’s Network has been a useful resource for Minnesota inventors and startups since 1991. It is a nonprofit association dedicated to making innovation and invention more accessible to the public. It provides educational opportunities and networking opportunities to Minnesota inventors and startup companies, as well as nonprofit organizations. There are unscrupulous promoters who take advantage of inventors’ enthusiasm and make false claims about the market potential of their invention. It is a good idea to check out the FTC website to learn how to avoid being a victim of a scam.

Bold Patents

The process of applying for a patent is akin to getting a tour guide. You need someone who knows where everything is able to give you a clear tour. Otherwise, you may waste your money and time. Similarly, you must find a good patent attorney who knows the ins and outs of the patent application process. This guide will help you get started with a successful patent application.

As a new business, you must act quickly to protect your valuable assets. There are strict time frames for filing a patent application, and patent laws in the U.S. prohibit patent applications more than one year after the invention date. If you wait until the year is up, it may be too late to file for a patent. However, if you are a startup, you can file a provisional application, which is a good start.


If you are a Minnesota inventor, there are resources you can utilize to help you succeed. You can join a half-dozen inventor and entrepreneur groups to expand your network and learn more about the industry. There are also digital databases and in-person consultation sessions. All of these resources can help you turn your idea into profits. To learn more about the resources you can use to help you become a successful entrepreneur, continue reading this article.

You may also want to get involved with an organization that helps local inventors and entrepreneurs start businesses and grow. Bold Patents is one example of such an organization. This group helps independent inventors capitalize on their innovations and aspires to inspire like-minded industry leaders. In addition to providing legal advice and resources, Bold Patents can help you conduct a market and patentability search, which are necessary steps to securing a patent.

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