Startup and New Business Guide for Nevada Inventors With Patentable Inventions

The State of Nevada has many resources available for aspiring inventors. For Nevada entrepreneurs, the Nevada Women’s Business Center is an excellent resource. With a mission to help Nevadans achieve self-sufficiency, the Center provides individualized self-sufficiency strategies and provides business support to thousands of clients each year. The United Inventors Association is a nonprofit organization that provides educational resources, legitimate business opportunities and support to independent inventors. This organization empowers independent inventors through education and encourages ethical and honest business practices.


If you have a product or service that is patentable and has potential to make money, you may be wondering how you can get it to market. InventHelp can help you with that process. The company provides assistance to new inventors and business owners who are ready to take their inventions to the next level. With this service, you can get your invention patented and begin selling it to companies.

Using the services of an experienced inventor will help you make the most of your new business. InventHelp provides tips and ideas that you can use to make your invention a reality. These tips will help you maximize your chances of making a profit and achieving personal success. To get the most out of this service, sign up for InventHelp today. It is free and easy to use.

InventHelp has relationships with companies around the world and has a track record of successfully licensing its clients’ ideas. Besides providing support, InventHelp also helps their clients select and submit their ideas to companies that are interested in licensing their ideas. The company also provides their clients with the services of a credible patent attorney. InventHelp Nevada inventors with patentable inventions can also benefit from provisional patents, which are issued to protect their ideas while awaiting a full patent application.


Inventors in Nevada are encouraged to take advantage of the state’s startup and new business assistance programs. These programs help Nevada inventors with patentable inventions get started and run their businesses successfully. The Nevada Women’s Business Center is one of these programs, which helps women entrepreneurs create and grow sustainable businesses. The United Inventors Association, a nonprofit organization dedicated to empowering independent inventors, offers a range of resources, including educational information and legal assistance. They also offer resources that assist Nevada inventors with marketing, licensing, and royalty negotiations.

In addition to making their inventions visible to the public, Make48 provides resources that allow inventors to develop and market their ideas. The Make48 Startup and New Business Guide provides Nevada inventors with a valuable resource. The program helps inventors create a working prototype and pitch their idea to a panel of professionals. If their idea is chosen, the winning team will win cash and the chance to see their product developed.


There are many resources available online for Nevada inventors with patentable inventions. The Nevada Women’s Business Center provides personalized self-sufficiency strategies and helps entrepreneurs build sustainable businesses. The United Inventors Association is a nonprofit organization that provides educational resources and legitimate business opportunities to independent inventors. The organization aims to empower independent inventors with education and encourage ethical business practices.

The University of Nevada’s Startup and New Business Guide for Nevada inventors has resources for entrepreneurs who are considering a new business venture. The University’s Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship offers help in commercializing ideas and establishing new companies. It also has a dedicated space for business activities. The resources listed below can help Nevada inventors with patentable inventions succeed in their ventures.

The USPTO is a federal agency that provides legal advice and guidance on IP policy and inventor rights. Its Trademark and Patent Search tools provide detailed information about idea ownership and IP legalities. The Nevada Women’s Business Center is an equal opportunity provider and invests in the success of individual entrepreneurs. The Center targets low-income entrepreneurs and innovators who may not have access to traditional financing and funding sources.


Many entrepreneurs dream of launching a new company. However, not every person is cut out for the entrepreneurial lifestyle. If you are interested in starting a new business, you should first understand your own unique personality and capabilities. Then you can figure out if you want to start a business in Nevada. The office of Enterprise & Innovation is led by Ellen Purpus, who manages the department’s technology-transfer and commercialization services. It’s a part of the Research & Innovation department at the University, which includes The Innevation Center, the Nevada Center for Applied Research, and the Nevada Industry Excellence.

UNLV’s Entrepreneur Resource Room

The Mendenhall family has been long-time supporters of UNLV. The Mendenhall Center serves as a training facility for the Runnin’ Rebels basketball team. In 2006, the Mendenhall family established the Mendenhall Innovation Program in the Howard R. Hughes College of Engineering. Dr. Robert Mendenhall was raised on a ranch in Alberta, Canada, and later worked as a flagman for his grandfather’s construction business in Utah. He later moved to Southern Nevada with his wife, and they made Las Vegas their home.

The Biz Info Library is a comprehensive resource for entrepreneurs, including information on marketing and starting a business. There are also articles on the management of employees in a business. The Biz Info Library is a service provided by UNLV’s Edward Lowe Foundation, Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation, and James J. Hill Reference Library. Many of these resources can help you start or grow a business, and they can also help you obtain a patent if your idea is a good one.

Choosing a patent attorney

A Nevada patent attorney can help an inventor protect and prepare their invention for the world. They are a great resource for helping an inventor protect their invention and make sure future profits belong to them. Patent attorneys have the appropriate technical expertise to assist you with the patent application process. Choosing the right patent attorney is essential for your success. They can assist you in all aspects of the process and can help you avoid mistakes that can lead to denials by the USPTO.

Before hiring a Nevada patent attorney, consider the experience and breadth of the attorney’s work. A Nevada patent attorney should be experienced in many areas of law, not just patent law. For example, an attorney who has experience litigating patent infringement cases and other intellectual property concerns is an excellent choice. However, a Nevada patent attorney should also have a track record of success.

Post-grant review

Post-grant review is a procedural hurdle that Nevada inventors with patentable inventions must overcome to protect their rights. Since the AIA, the USPTO has taken a central role in patent lawmaking, including governing post-grant proceedings. Patents pose special problems technologically, doctrinally, and ethically, which the USPTO is uniquely equipped to address. PTAB judges are required to have education and experience in the sciences.

The AIA made post-grant review a new process, which allows a third party to challenge a patent. It is considered the “first window” for challenging the validity of a patent, and it can be instituted within nine months of the patent being issued. The petitioner must establish third-party standing to challenge a patent, and the patent owner must respond to the petition.

In order to qualify for post-grant review, an applicant must file a petition with the USPTO. It should also be filed within nine months after the grant of a patent. In some cases, the petitioner may already have filed a related civil action. In addition, petitioners may not assert claims in specified civil actions or in final Board decisions. If the applicant has filed a post-grant review petition within the past nine months, he or she must be willing to file a formal application for an inter partes review.

Cost of litigation

Inventors in Nevada are often shocked to find out the high cost of litigation. This is because there are numerous rules governing how a lawsuit proceeds and who can win it. A Nevada patent attorney can help you avoid such pitfalls and determine how much you can expect to pay. In Nevada, the maximum award for infringement is $10 million. This award can be substantial, but it will be worth it to protect your invention.

There are several ways to reduce the costs. For example, if you have a simple idea and don’t need a complex patent, you can file a provisional patent. This will save you money in the long run. You can even use an expedited patent application, which requires a lower filing fee. However, if you have a more complex invention, you may have to pay more for the patent.

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