Startup and New Business Guide for Arizona Inventors Patentable Invention

The University of Arizona has a patent policy dating back to 1962. The Coordinator of Research reports to the President of the University and receives disclosures of inventions from department heads and deans. The Coordinator has a team of attorneys who can assist Inventors as they prepare to file for patent protection. Read on to learn more. This Startup and New Business Guide for Arizona Inventors Patentable Invention helps Arizona Inventors develop a patentable invention.


The Inventors Association of Arizona is a nonprofit organization that supports and educates inventors on all levels. The state organization offers a wide variety of resources to assist inventors of all levels in securing patents for their inventions. It also offers workshops and seminars to help inventors improve their businesses. To learn more about the benefits of patenting your invention, visit the website. Startup and new businesses in Arizona can benefit from the resources and knowledge provided by the organization.

Once the OTMA has received your Technology Disclosure Form, they will assign your submission to a licensing professional. The licensing professional will analyze your invention and assume day-to-day responsibility for its management. They will also acknowledge your submission by e-mail, giving you the name and file number of the licensing professional you are assigned to. Once you have hired a licensing professional, they will work with you to develop a comprehensive IP management plan.

Inventors Association of Arizona

The Inventors’ Guide is a state-specific resource that gives you the resources you need to make your invention patentable. There are several ways to go about this process. You can visit the State of Arizona Research Library, which is the Regional Federal Depository for Arizona. This organization receives 100% of GPO-issued materials, including patents. You can also find resources for kids on copyright and authorship. The Inventors & Entrepreneurs page provides state-specific information and resources.

The Inventors Association of Arizona (IAA) is a nonprofit organization that educates and supports inventors of all levels. The organization also offers mentorship programs for inventors and entrepreneurs. Many of these programs teach business basics, but you’ll also learn about design thinking and other tactics that will help you refine your ideas and patent your invention. The Inventors Association of Arizona is a good resource if you’re thinking about patenting your invention, and they have a wealth of information to help you get started.

ASU does well in invention disclosures. In FY19, ASU had 301 invention disclosures. That puts it in third place among 58 universities, just behind MIT and Purdue University. ASU also was ahead of Iowa State University, North Carolina State University, and Caltech. The invention disclosure is an innovation or technology submitted by an ASU researcher for potential commercialization.

Funding sources

Inventors in Arizona can seek funding through several sources, including the Inventors Association of the State of Arizona. This non-profit organization provides educational resources and support for inventors at all levels. The Inventors Association of Arizona (IAA) offers a variety of funding sources for inventors, ranging from start-up funds to business venture capital. The organization also helps Arizona inventors patent their inventions.

The state research library in Arizona has been designated a Patent and Trademark Resource Center by the US Patent Office and receives a variety of patent-related materials. The United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) webpage provides a comprehensive overview of the Patent life cycle and essential information about the patent application process. The USPTO also offers preliminary patent searches on its website that can be performed from anywhere with an Internet connection. These searches can include patents dating back to 1790.

The University also allocates a portion of its income to the inventor as well as the unit in which the invention was conceived and first reduced to practice. The university also has agreements with the Washington Research Foundation and Research Corporation Technologies of Tucson, and Battelle Development Corporation of Columbus. Further, the University maintains the right to file patents themselves and use other patent management companies. By working with reputable institutions, Arizona inventors can be assured of funding for their invention.

Legal options

If you’ve invented a product or service in Arizona and are interested in patenting it, you have several legal options. One option is to submit the product or service to the US Patent Office. There are several legal paths to patenting your invention, and each of these will require a certain amount of work. In addition, you’ll need to obtain a license from the federal government. This process can be complicated, and it will take some time.

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