A source supplier includes a source reservoir which contains a liquefied source fluid to get a supercritical process, a vaporizer that vaporizes the liquefied source fluid into a gaseous supply fluid under high pressure, a purifier that removes organic impurities and moistures in the gaseous supply fluid and an analyzer connected to the purifier which analyzes an impurity fraction and a moisture fraction from the gaseous supply fluid. Moisture and organic impurities have been removed from the supply fluid to reduce the moisture concentration of the supercritical fluid in the supercritical process.


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1. Technical Field

Exemplary embodiments connect to some source supplier for a supercritical liquid, a substrate processing apparatus having the same and a way of processing substrates from the substrate processing devices.

2. Description of the Related Art

A wet process for a semiconductor device like a wet cleaning procedure or a wet etching process may require a drying procedure to eliminate substances used in the wet procedure. As design rules of semiconductor devices are reduced, nice patternson a substrate may frequently partly or completely fail, and make contact with neighboring patterns, an effect known as a bridge defect, in a dry procedure.

Supercritical fluids, that could simultaneously act like a liquid and gas, may be used in a drying process, hereinafter, known as a supercritical drying process, to reduce routine collapses and bridge flaws. A supercritical fluidcan, like a gas, diffuse via a solid and may, like a liquid, concurrently dissolve materials, with no surface pressure of the liquid, and wet process chemicals can easily diffuse or dissolve in a supercritical fluid in a drying process. Inparticular, carbon dioxide (CO.sub.2) was extensively utilized as a supercritical fluid in drying procedures because the crucial point (31.1. degree. C. & 7.38 MPa) of CO.sub.2 is lower than many other stuff.

At a conventional supercritical fluid supplier, liquefied CO.sub.2 is at first purified into a high purity liquefied CO.sub.2 in a purifier and the high purity liquefied CO.sub.2 is transformed into a supercritical condition in a supercriticalgenerator. Afterward, the high purity supercritical CO.sub.2 is provided to some substrate treating apparatus.

However, moistures isn’t effectively eliminated from liquefied CO.sub.2 by the purifier at a traditional supercritical fluid provider, so routine collapses and bridge flaws still often happen in supercritical drying processes. Additionally,the moisture fraction of the liquefied CO.sub.2 or the supercritical CO.sub.2 has to be discovered in real time to get accurate moisture control in the supercritical fluid provider.

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