Mentor Or Incubator For Startup Founder in Virginia

Incubator programs are essential to the growth of small businesses. Incubators help entrepreneurs identify market opportunities, develop a business plan, and increase the likelihood of success. If you’re looking for a mentor or incubator to help you launch a new business, you’ve come to the right place.

We’ve reviewed some incubators including Laurel Ridge SBDC, the Metropolitan Business League, and the Jackson Ward Collective. All of these organizations are committed to helping entrepreneurs succeed in their new ventures. If you want to learn more, read on! These programs offer a wide range of resources and services for entrepreneurs.

Hampton Roads SBDC

The Hampton Roads SBDC helps entrepreneurs identify and evaluate the most important factors that will determine the success of their business. The SBDC is a resource that provides technical, managerial and other information to Hampton Roads’ small businesses. Its goal is to help them grow and develop their economy.

Counselors have access to many economic and business databases, including federal, state and private sector. They also provide guidance and counsel to businesses to make them more efficient and effective by improving their management skills and operational effectiveness.

The SBDC provides incubators and accelerators with access to mentors, resources, office space, and networking opportunities with investors.

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Laurel Ridge Small Business Development Center

If you’re looking for a startup incubator or accelerator in Virginia, the Laurel Ridge SBDC may be the place for you. They provide training, mentorship, and access to capital to help start a business. The program is free and is geared towards helping startups and existing businesses succeed. They offer a wide range of services, including a business counseling program. The program is also open to entrepreneurs who have no prior business experience.

This Virginia startup accelerator has three-month long programs that assist early-stage founders build scalable businesses. Founders receive tailored mentorship, up to $200K in funding, and a statewide network of investors and industry experts. The program concludes with a public pitch event where entrepreneurs pitch their businesses to an audience of potential investors.

The incubator is supported by the Virginia Small Business Development Center (VIPC), a nonprofit organization that supports statewide accelerator networks. The 757 Accelerate program, for example, is a 3-month selective accelerator program that offers tech startup founders mentorship and connections to customers, investors, and other stakeholders.

Metropolitan Business League

If you’re a first-time startup founder in Virginia, the Metro Business League SBDC incubator accelerator can help you accelerate your business. The incubator will provide you with customized support, business coaching, and mentorship from experienced founders-in-residence and industry experts. It also provides funding through its Innovation Commercialization Assistance Program. You can also obtain a loan through Virginia Community Capital, a CDFI focused on small businesses.

This nonprofit organization supports small and mid-sized manufacturers in Virginia by providing access to resources, technical assistance, and one-on-one advising from experienced entrepreneurs. This service is offered at no cost to startup founders and entrepreneurs and is confidential. You can access these resources at no cost, and they will also help you secure funding and meet other startup requirements. The Metro Business League SBDC incubator is located in Richmond, Virginia.

The organization also supports technology startups, such as software and medical devices. Through its programs, the SBDC works to support technology-focused companies in Southern Virginia. It also hosts networking events, educates local communities about technology development, and helps startups compete with other regions for funding. Its headquarters are at the VA Bio+Tech Park, home to advanced technology companies and life sciences startups. Additionally, it manages the Riverflow Growth Fund, which provides grants to organizations that support startups. In addition, it hosts the Lighthouse Labs accelerator. The Startup Virginia workspace provides meeting space and mentors to entrepreneurs in this region.

There are also small business development centers throughout Virginia. The Virginia SBDC network also has advisors in Roanoke, Blacksburg, and Daleville. The Lynchburg Regional Business Alliance hosts an SBDC in the city, and the Valleys Innovation Council is an independent nonprofit organization in Hampton Roads, Richmond, and Amelia County. A business incubator in these regions can help a startup expand its reach and grow.

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Jackson Ward Collective

If you’re looking for a SBDC incubator in Virginia, you’ll be glad to know that the Jackson Ward Collective has a program that will help you find an investor. The foundation, which is run by a black woman, is part of a larger organization called the JWC Foundation. The foundation provides a variety of resources to start a business and has a dedicated team that will assist you in every step of the process.

The 1717 Richmond Innovation Center

The 1717 Richmond Innovation Center supports entrepreneurs and high-growth, scalable companies in the region. This collaborative space allows multi-disciplinary experts, community organisations, and entrepreneurs to come together and share their ideas, learn from one another, and find new ways to accomplish their individual and collective goals.

With a goal of helping entrepreneurs and the community, the 1717 Richmond Innovation Center helps startups grow and become profitable. Through this program, entrepreneurs can find mentors, access to capital, and support from other entrepreneurs and investors.

A coworking space at the SOVA Innovation Hub is also a great way to connect with investors, business mentors, and advisors.

Shenandoah Valley SBDC

The Shenandoah Valley SBDC has various programs to support startups in the Shenandoah Valley. Catalyst is a long-format accelerator that provides nine months of program support to help startups grow and succeed. It offers dedicated workspace, access to mentors and a large network of industry experts. DEIC Accelerate, located at the Dominion Energy Innovation Center in Ashland, supports high-potential companies through intensive mentoring and networking opportunities. Finally, Lighthouse Labs offers three months of tailored support for startups with access to the SBDC’s alumni programs.

Shenandoah Valley SBDC also offers an online mentoring program to help entrepreneurs grow their business. Startup Shenandoah Valley is a free, eight-week program that helps founders build a successful, scalable business. The program provides mentoring, $200K in seed funding, legal and accounting help, business education, and networking opportunities with industry experts. Additionally, alumni of the program can benefit from lifelong support.

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Other Support Programs

The Dominion Energy Innovation Center, in Ashland, Virginia, offers a program to support startup companies focused on energy and sustainability. The program also provides resources and mentorship from Dominion Energy, a corporate partner. It also collaborates with Innovate Lynchburg and the Advancement Foundation to provide training for entrepreneurs. The Institute for Innovation & Entrepreneurship at Old Dominion University offers resources for entrepreneurs.

GENEDGE Alliance, the nonprofit organization, is a public-private partnership aimed at empowering small and mid-size manufacturing firms in the Shenandoah Valley. Founded in 1992, the nonprofit group supports small manufacturers in Virginia with a customized program. They offer modest services and programs, ensuring that they can grow and flourish. That’s an important part of building a successful company.

You can also participate in an accelerator program or the Virginia SBDC’s Innovation Commercialization Assistance Program. These programs are designed to help first-time entrepreneurs get started with their ideas and improve their chances of success. Another excellent option is the Virginia Community Capital, a statewide CDFI. This organization offers loans to small businesses, with standard bank underwriting guidelines.

During the program, you’ll have access to mentors and business coaches, which will help you find investors and customers. It will also offer workshops on topics relating to finance and operational effectiveness. As a member of the Virginia SBDC Network, you can participate in these programs at no cost. The programs are confidential and will connect you with resources and mentors to help your business grow. You won’t have to leave your home to attend these programs.

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