SBDC Incubator Accelerator For Startup Founder in Hawaii

As a Hawaii entrepreneur, you may want to find the right SBDC incubator accelerator for your startup. There are a few different programs available. Here are some examples: ExCITE, Dreamit, HTDC, FarmSense, and HTDC Ventures. While many startup incubator programs are a good option, not all are created equal. While the program is valuable, you must choose the right one for your unique business model.


The startup community in Hawaii has a great many resources to help you launch your company and make it successful. The XLR8HI program provides networking opportunities for startup founders to meet like-minded entrepreneurs and network with industry experts. The program culminates with a pitch day with active investors. Its program can also help you secure seed funding to expand your business. The following are some of the resources that can help you launch a successful startup in Hawaii.

ExCITE provides co-working space, free workshops, mentorship, and grants to help aspiring startups get off the ground. The program has helped more than 20 startups launch, and many of them have continued to grow in the past year. Some of its graduates include DeepBits, SmartBot360, StarNav, Apsidal, and Globe BioMedical, a biotechnology startup that is revolutionizing eye care. Other companies that have thrived in the incubator’s programs include Blue Social, the first Bluetooth-based social network, and Kids That Code, a STEAM-based education program for children. Founders are encouraged to stay in the city because the community is filled with talented people and a lively downtown.


The Hawaii Executive Collaborative’s Innovation Economy Team aims to support local startups with funding and mentorship. The HEC also promotes local investment for startup businesses. The team helps connect entrepreneurs with existing companies to share resources, infrastructure, and mentorship. It also offers a fully equipped co-working space to companies seeking to create new products or services in Hawaii. Entrepreneurs who are interested in the Hawaii startup economy are encouraged to apply for this program.

The entrepreneur community in Hawaii has been working hard to create and sustain startups, and the Hawai’i startup community is a driving force behind that. Several startup events occur each week, bringing nascent businesses together with mentors and investors. Incubators are also available to help aspiring entrepreneurs with funding. Incubators are not only helpful for companies at the start of their growth process, but can also help them to raise venture capital.

Another popular incubator for startup founders in Hawaii is Blue Startups. Located in Honolulu, this incubator attracts startups from all over the world. About half of the participating companies are non-Hawaiian. This helps foster learning between locals and non-Hawaiian entrepreneurs. Smart Yields CEO Vincent Kimura is a founding member of Blue Startups. Incubators often provide seed funding and mentorship, and Blue Startups provides training and resources for tech startups.


If you are looking for startup funding in Hawaii, the Dreamit SBDC incubator accelerator program is a great option. It is designed to help startups with market traction and ready for growth. The program doesn’t require relocation, and participants can complete two-week multi-city “sprints” to meet investors and receive up to $500,000 in investment. Participating startups also have the chance to receive up to $150,000 in advisor equity. Dreamit typically accepts only eight to 12 startups per vertical.

When choosing an incubator program, consider what the benefits and drawbacks are for your business. While there are many benefits to being part of an accelerator, you might have difficulty making progress on your own. You will also need to consider how much money you can afford to spend for the program. Some incubators charge participation fees and require percentages of equity. In addition, some incubators have very high participation fees.

While the program typically lasts one to five years, you can choose the program that best fits your needs. Incubators can help you launch your business faster than they can help you grow your business in the long run. Regardless of the type of incubator program you choose, you’ll gain valuable guidance from experienced professionals as you build your business. It’s important to remember that many incubators operate as nonprofit programs and may receive grant funding from universities and other institutions.


The Hawaii Technology Development Corporation (HTDC) is a dynamic state agency that focuses on building and developing the tech and innovation industry in Hawaii. It provides startup and growing companies with access to capital, infrastructure, mentors, and resources to create sustainable businesses. The HTDC program assists companies at all stages of development, and it contributes to Hawaii’s 80/80 Initiative goal of creating 80,000 new jobs in the tech and innovation sector by 2030. HTDC programs serve all aspects of the tech and innovation sectors, providing financial assistance to the most promising startups, and allowing employers access to the best local talent and industry.

HTDC offers a unique program for female startup founders. The program is tailored to the needs of Pacific Islander, Asian, and Native Hawaiian women. The program requires a 50 percent female founding team. The program offers mentorship, business expertise, peer review, and seed funding to Hawaii’s emerging technology companies. HTDC is part of the Global Accelerator Network and is funded by the Hawaii Technology Development Corporation and Tetris Company.

The team of entrepreneurs at HTDC includes experienced professionals in manufacturing, business development, process analysis, and technology commercialization. It also administers two major grants for manufacturers in Hawaii, the Manufacturing Assistance Program Grant and the Hawaii Small Business Innovation Research Grant. Through its partnership with the U.S. Department of Commerce Manufacturing Extension Partnership, HTDC works to improve the productivity and profitability of the U.S. manufacturing sector.

XLR8UH Venture Accelerator

The XLR8UH Venture Accelerators are a great place to start your business in Hawaii. They are among Forbes’ Top 30 Accelerators, and they offer mentorship, education, and access to investments. Their Hawaii proof-of-concept center is a great place to learn about business, technology, and marketing. Another Hawaii incubator accelerator is the GVS Transmedia Accelerator, which assists Hawaii’s technology-based companies in gaining capital and diversifying the economy.

The program is comprised of three phases: first, a 15-week mentorship program that immerses teams in building a business model. The second phase involves further business development efforts, while the third phase focuses on pitching to active investors. In each phase, teams receive valuable mentorship from experienced entrepreneurs and investors. The final phase involves a pitch day where each team pitches its startup to active investors.

The program is part of a larger initiative to diversify and grow the Hawaii’s technology sector. It offers mentoring and capital to tech startups, and provides an incubation environment and fully equipped co-working space. Unlike other SBDCs, the XLR8UH Venture Accelerator is designed to help the companies achieve the growth and success they need to reach their potential.

Mana Up Innovation Accelerator Program

The Mana Up Innovation Accelerator Program at the SBDC incubator in Hawaii aims to support the ecosystem of entrepreneurs in Hawaii by providing resources and the tools needed to take their ventures to the next level. To date, 63 local companies have graduated from the program, with 11 more currently in the program. In 2020, the portfolio of companies will generate an average annual revenue of $923290, with an average growth rate of 65%.

The program offers six-month intensive workshops, access to industry experts, and guidance on executive leadership. Unlike most accelerators, this one focuses on scaling and building a company’s customer experience. The goal is to develop an executive team capable of handling the demands of growth. The program provides weekly workshops, industry connections, and guidance on crafting a compelling narrative for expansion. Applicants are encouraged to focus on growing their companies in an effort to expand their business into more markets.

The Mana Up Innovation Accelerator Program is headed by Ellen NG, an economic development specialist at the SBDC incubator in Hawaii. She has extensive experience working with global companies and has also served as the head of growth for a Singapore-based accelerator. She believes that by investing in young entrepreneurs, the state will be able to build a sustainable and thriving economy. It also provides an opportunity for local companies to grow their businesses.

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