SBDC Incubator Accelerator For Startup Founder in Florida

If you’re a startup founder in Florida, you might be interested in pursuing an SBDC incubator accelerator. There are a number of programs that offer startup founders the chance to work with experienced mentors and receive training. Some of the programs are free, while others charge a small fee. You should also research which ones are accredited. You may also consider looking at your local community college to see if it offers an incubator.

iStart Valley accelerator

IStart Jax is a nonprofit business accelerator in North East Florida that helps entrepreneurs turn their business ideas into startups. This accelerator offers premier experiential education to budding entrepreneurs. Founded in 2011, iStart Jax has supported more than 50 startups and supported 350 creators. Founders and entrepreneurs from the Jacksonville area, Florida, and across the country are encouraged to apply. The Florida accelerator is open to all types of business ideas.

The 16-week program at iStart Valley begins with a study of customer development and product-market fit. The program also leverages Ash Maurya’s LEANSTACK Innovation Platform, which requires participants to interview and interact with more than 100 real-life customers to understand the needs of potential customers. This program also includes the opportunity to participate in the iStart Valley Innovation Summit, where entrepreneurs can network with leading entrepreneurs.

While the new name is confusing, it does not mean the organization is closing. Founder MJ Charmani said he is excited about the changes and hopes to continue working in Northeast Florida. MJ also serves as Chairman of the Diversity Resource Group at Florida Blue, a nonprofit organization that won National Recognition and the Mark of Distinction Award. MJ has also been recognized as a Champion of Change in the community by the Jacksonville Business Journal. In 2012, he was named to Jacksonville’s 40 Under 40 list, which celebrates the region’s best and brightest young professionals. In 2013, 904 Jacksonville Magazine ranked him as a Tech Innovator and Influencer.

FIS Fintech Accelerator

In March, FIS announced the ten fintech startups selected for the 2022 FIS Fintech Accelerator program. This new program will provide training, mentoring, and monetary investment to fintech companies. The program will focus on bringing innovative financial technology solutions to financial institutions. This program was created to help startups get off the ground and achieve growth. Applying to the program is easy, as long as you’re a Florida resident.

The program will train startup founders in financial technology, as well as marketing and accounting principles. It will also give entrepreneurs hands-on experience and mentorship from leaders in the field. The program also features cutting-edge technology and customized curriculum. The accelerated program will allow participants to learn from successful fintech companies and grow their business exponentially. Applicants should have proof of concept and be prepared to spend three to four months in the accelerator.

The program offers a unique opportunity for APAC startups to collaborate with the FIS innovation ecosystem. The program is live now. Startups in the region should apply to participate. It is free to apply. In order to get started, you must apply to the FIS Fintech Accelerator. If you are a Florida resident, you’ll need to be a Florida resident. FIS Fintech Accelerator is open to all Florida residents.

Venture ScaleUp accelerator

The Venture ScaleUp accelerator at the SBDC incubator for startup founder in Florida provides a variety of services for high-growth entrepreneurs. The program assists founders with their business ideas, mentoring advice, and business planning. It also provides workshops and research resources to support entrepreneurs through business formation and decision-making. The incubator is a government-backed, nonprofit business development center that supports the growth of Florida-based small businesses.

The SBDC has a robust incubator program and provides a coworking space for entrepreneurs. The program provides a fully-equipped collaborative workspace, access to industry experts, and strategic business advice. For businesses that are in their second stage, the Venture ScaleUp accelerator at the SBDC incubator for startup founder in Florida provides knowledge and strategies for sustainable growth. It supports companies with up to six employees and $750K in revenue.

TheVenture ScaleUp accelerator at the SBDC incubator for startup founder in Florida offers a six-month program, which is aimed at helping entrepreneurs scale their companies while establishing a strong revenue base. The program is tailored to the needs of entrepreneurs, and each program is unique. For example, one Florida startup called MyRentHero received an award from the Miami-Dade Beacon Council and was selected to launch at the University of Miami.

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Hawkeye Startup Incubator

SBDCs are government-backed incubators for startup founders and small businesses, and Hawkeye Startup Incubator that provides a comprehensive training program. The program supports early-stage startup founders from a variety of academic disciplines and is open to individuals and teams. The program also provides a network of knowledge experts to guide startup founders through the business formation process.


The Starter Studio is an incubator and accelerator for tech-based startups in Orlando, Florida. It provides resources, funding, and business education to help tech-based startups grow and scale. Starter Studio offers four programs to help entrepreneurs develop their ideas and grow their companies. It also offers mentoring from industry experts. The programs help companies with up to six employees or $750K in revenue. They also include networking events.

The Florida state government is dedicated to ensuring that businesses flourish and thrive in the state. The state has a dedicated SBDC and Enterprise Florida division that works to help entrepreneurs succeed. The state government understands what it takes for opportunity to thrive, which is why it’s made smart investments in the environment and has lowered taxes. The state’s exemplary economic policies and climate have helped entrepreneurs succeed and help the state remain a beachhead for opportunity.

Upstart Accelerator

Founded in 2010, Upstart is an SBDC incubator accelerator in Florida that focuses on supporting women-led startups. Upstart is part of the Start Co. collaborative accelerator initiative, and is designed to provide additional support for women-led startups. This program combines incubation, seed funding, and peer-to-peer learning to help companies grow in a supportive environment.

The program is free, and participants are offered full scholarships. The 12-week program focuses on scaling the impact of the ventures they develop. Those who complete the program are welcomed into an active network of alumni, which includes some of the most celebrated social innovators in the region. There are several ways to apply for the program. To learn more, visit Upstart’s website.

500 Startups is expanding its footprint in Florida by opening an office in Miami. The new office will house an expanded menu of programs and serve as a hub for startups in South Florida, Latin America, and the eastern U.S. The incubator accelerator will also provide access to investors. Founders of startups in Florida will be able to access a network of angel investors. A new fund for South Florida startups will be one of several venture capital funds that can help grow their companies.


Rokk3r specializes in venture and startup building. The company operates under the “cobuilding” principle, combining the expertise and experience of entrepreneurs, engineers and strategists in order to launch and co-create technology companies. Rokk3r is a platform that helps identify and validate innovative ideas. It also provides a framework for turning them into successful businesses.

The Rokk3r Method is a systematized process that includes ideation, validation and execution. Rokk3r’s ideation phase involves generating and curating ideas for possible startups. Validation includes market research and testing hypotheses as well as building prototypes in order to assess the viability of an idea. Rokk3r also helps the startup with its launch, growth and scaling.

Rokk3r offers a variety of services for startups and entrepreneurs. These services include: strategic guidance, business models, technology development and product design. They also offer marketing assistance, fundraising, and fundraising support. Rokk3r leverages their network and expertise to maximize the potential for success of startups.


TheVentureCity, a global venture and innovation firm, focuses on assisting startups to scale internationally. Laura Gonzalez-Estefani founded the company in 2017, a former executive of Facebook and Instagram with the aim of bridging Silicon Valley’s gap with the rest of the entrepreneurial ecosystems around the world.

TheVentureCity is a company that combines investment, acceleration and advisory services. They provide both strategic and financial support to early-stage and growing-stage technology businesses with global potential. The firm focuses on startups from sectors like mobility, ecommerce, fintech and health tech.

TheVentureCity also runs an accelerator program, which helps startups improve their product-market fit and refine their business models. It can also help them accelerate their growth. The program offers mentorship, industry experts’ networks, and training modules tailored to specific challenges facing startups.

TheVentureCity places a high priority on diversity and inclusion. The firm actively supports and seeks out underrepresented startups and founders from diverse backgrounds. They believe that diversity in the entrepreneurial ecosystem is conducive to innovation and better business outcomes.

TheVentureCity is a global company with offices in Miami and Madrid. They aim to connect startups in different parts of the world with resources, market opportunities, and expertise through their international network. The global approach they take sets them apart form traditional venture capitalists who focus primarily on a particular geographic area.

TheVentureCity is a global catalyst that helps startups scale up by offering them capital, industry expertise and an extensive network.

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