SBDC Incubator Accelerator For Startup Founder in Florida

SBDC has several incubator accelerator programs in Florida, including StartUP FIU Empower Accelerator. Other programs include Goldstein Business Accelerator, TheVentureCity, Guidewell Innovation program, and more. Each program is unique, and some are better suited to a particular type of company than others. While these programs may not be the most suitable for every startup, they can be extremely beneficial to a Florida company.

StartUP FIU Empower Accelerator

The new incubator accelerator program, StartUP FIU, will focus on helping Florida-based startups bring cutting-edge scientific discoveries and technologies to market. By leveraging FIU’s $165 million in research funding each year, it hopes to attract local talent and put it in front of people with money. The program is free and will accept applications beginning September 1.

The program offers support for early stage companies and provides mentorship and essential services. Participants are able to access startup capital, networking opportunities, and coworking space. Additionally, they’ll be given access to mentors and pitching opportunities with local investors. While this program is free and open to Florida residents, it is limited in size. Intake is by application only. The program is available through the SBDC Florida office.

This SBDC incubator program is an extension of the FIU Entrepreneurship Institute. Its goal is to help Florida businesses develop, and employ homeless individuals and other under-represented groups. The incubator offers entrepreneurship education, professional development skills, and funding assistance to start and grow a small business in Florida. In addition to these services, StartUP FIU Empower Accelerator also offers workshops, seminars, and networking opportunities for local entrepreneurs.

A startup should have a strong business plan to get funding. Incubators that provide funding should also have a proven track record. The SBDC is a valuable resource for early stage companies. The SBDC will provide a platform for entrepreneurs to pitch to investors. The SBDC can provide startup mentorship and resources that will help them make the best decisions for their businesses.


TheVentureCity is a South Florida-based incubator and accelerator for startup founders. Its founder, Laura Gonzalez-Estefani, is a former executive at Facebook, where she served as director of international business development and mobile partnerships. She co-founded the organization with Clara Bullrich, an entrepreneur and serial entrepreneur. Since its founding, the incubator has invested in 14 companies, with four of them located in Miami.

TheVentureCity is currently accepting applications for its 36-month or 18-month accelerator programs for startup founders. Startups from all over the world are encouraged to apply. To be considered for the program, startups should have a minimum of six months’ experience and solid growth metrics. Incubators build a strong data-driven foundation for their startup companies. TheVentureCity also offers full scholarships to its participants.

TheVentureCity SBDC incubator is a government-sponsored program for startups. Its founders are able to gain experience from experienced entrepreneurs in the state and are surrounded by resources and mentors who can help them launch and grow their ventures. They can also apply for the Florida SBDC incubator accelerator program to get access to financing for their startups. There are 40 SBDC offices in Florida, from Pensacola to Key West.

During the accelerator, participants were exposed to over 20 mentors from various industries, including healthcare. These mentors included senior executives, investors, and successful entrepreneurs. Mentors spent an hour with each startup each day to provide outside perspectives and constructive dialogue. The week culminated with a “mock” pitch competition. Then, startups focused two additional days on fundraising strategy and team structuring.

TheVentureCity SBDC incubator is one of the top accelerators for startup founders in Florida. Its mission is to help companies launch and grow a successful company. Its staff supports entrepreneurs at all stages of their journeys, from concept to product launch. The accelerator also offers mentorship and networking opportunities. A successful cohort will receive a stipend of $1,000. The top three startups will receive $25,000 in human capital support.

Goldstein Business Accelerator

The Goldstein Business Accelerator is a program in Florida that helps technology companies grow and add value to the industry. The program provides mentorship from experts in the field and access to capital. It also offers networking opportunities with investors. The UCF Upstart Accelerator program is another accelerator for startup founders in Florida. It provides support to startup companies, including office space, mentorship, and training. Entrepreneurs are also provided with access to capital and other tools necessary to run a successful business venture.

The SBDC is a nonprofit organization that has 40 offices spanning the state from Pensacola to Key West. The SBDC connects Florida small businesses to financing opportunities through nonprofit corporations and economic development lending organizations. The SBDC also provides low-interest bonds to qualified organizations. SBDC Florida helps startups find capital and access to resources. It also provides free mentoring and workshops. There are many benefits to being a member of the SBDC.

The SBDC provides small businesses with free consulting and business training. It also offers access to networking events and strategic business advice. The Grow Florida program provides knowledge and strategies to grow their business sustainably. The program helps businesses with six or fewer employees and $750,000 in revenue. It also hosts educational programs for startup founders. Its Catalyst program also helps small businesses get the office space they need at a reduced rate.

The SBDC provides free mentorship and support to help startup companies grow. Its accelerators provide individual support to participants and help them develop a powerful strategy that can survive and thrive in today’s competitive marketplace. By participating in the program, participants get training from LACI Executives-In-Residence and receive individual support from LACI Executives-in-Residence.

Guidewell Innovation program

The Guidewell Innovation program at the SBDC incubator accelerator for startup founder in Florida connects entrepreneurs with industry experts and business-development opportunities. Its Executive Director, Kirstie McLaughlin, was previously President & CEO of the International Business Incubator Association (InBIA), which serves over 900 incubators, accelerators, and economic development agencies in more than 60 countries. Previously, McLaughl served as a co-founder of DigitalOwl, a startup that raised $15 million in venture capital. She has also served as the Executive Director of the Winter Park Angels and is currently a director of the SBDC’s Minority Business Accelerator.

The Guidewell Innovation program at the SBDC incubator accelerator for startup founder in Florida is designed to help high-growth tech startups scale their businesses. The program offers training and mentoring from industry experts, networking opportunities, and strategic business advice. Founded in 2007, the Guidewell Innovation program is a one-stop-shop for emerging businesses in Florida. Its programs are tailored to help startup companies in the early stages grow into larger enterprises.

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