ipwatchdog Provides Provisional Patent Search Services to Inventors

Inventors typically start with an idea and work towards creating something tangible, like a prototype. This is beneficial as the further an idea is refined, the greater its value becomes and making it simpler to protect your invention.

Provisional patent applications are an invaluable resource, but they must be utilized correctly. For example, your provisional application must contain a comprehensive description of your invention as of the filing date.

Invent + Patent System(tm)

Gene Quinn, a renowned US patent attorney and law professor, created The Invent + Patent SystemTM as an innovative mentored patent application writing process. This system arose out of his research and teaching on this topic.

This system asks 10 pertinent questions designed to extract the most crucial details about your invention in a concise manner. Answering these questions correctly will give your patent attorney valuable information that they can use to protect intellectual property rights and maximize the value of your business.

These questions have been carefully chosen from a wide range of potential categories to ensure they are pertinent to your invention. Whether it is new or old, simple or complex, this system will put you on the path towards securing valuable intellectual property protection at an economical cost.

The Invent + Patent System(tm) also offers links to all necessary forms for filing your invention with the United States Patent and Trademark Office, comprehensive filing instructions, and an editable provisional patent application template. These are all beneficial first steps in the process of safeguarding your intellectual property, and once all documents have been completed you can turn them over to a patent attorney as the next logical step in the journey towards securing your patent. Once you hire a patent attorney, they will work together in closer coordination to ensure your invention receives the highest level of protection available. Once you submit all of your Invent + Patent System(tm) documents to your patent attorney, they will have a better insight into your invention and can efficiently prepare and file your patent application.

ipwatchdog?s Patent Attorneys

ipwatchdog is home to some of the world’s premier patent attorneys. They represent both patent owners and defendants in all phases of patent litigation. By navigating a variety of complex issues, these experts provide expert insight on key trends and legal obstacles facing patent litigation.

They possess expertise in drafting and prosecuting patent applications across a range of technologies, such as electrical, mechanical, chemical, computer-operated control and biotechnology. Furthermore, they possess extensive knowledge about the international patent system having written applications and appeals in numerous countries around the globe.

Our attorneys possess an in-depth knowledge of the patent process and are passionate about providing guidance through intellectual property law. They comprehend the significance of timely delivery while maintaining cost efficiency.

Wen Xie is a senior patent attorney with extensive experience prosecuting original applications and appeals. She stands as an effective advocate for her clients, equipping them with the resources needed to prevail in court and on appeal.

She represents her clients around the world, having prepared and prosecuted applications in the United States, Europe and Asia. Furthermore, she is knowledgeable about actions and procedures from all major national patent offices such as the US Patent & Trademark Office, European Patent Office and China’s National Intellectual Property Administration.

Her expertise in patent drafting and prosecution allows her to effectively argue complex technical claims and organize the scope of a patent to address various technical topics. She has handled numerous complex cases in both federal and state courts, as well as representing clients during both prosecution and appeals before the Patent Trial and Appeal Board.

Meredith Addy is a co-founder and partner in AddyHart P.C’s Chicago office, where she specializes in patent appeals and litigation. With over 100 appeals to the Federal Circuit and 80 cases filed in US district courts, Meredith Addy is considered an expert on practicing before the Federal Circuit and has spoken before Congress about patent law and its relationship to the Federal Circuit.

ipwatchdog?s Patent Lawyers

For over a decade, the lawyers at ipwatchdog have been leading the charge to improve patent system. They are recognized experts in their fields and offer advice on patent-related matters to a range of industry groups from Fortune 500 companies to smaller startups.

They strive to assist their clients in making informed, well-thought out decisions regarding the protection of their intellectual property and defending against infringers. Their expertise spans across various fields such as software and computer-related inventions, electrical engineering, and biotechnology.

ipwatchdog’s patent law attorneys possess extensive experience prosecuting patents across North America, Europe and Asia, as well as an intimate knowledge of the global IP landscape. Together they create and execute a robust global patent prosecution strategy that protects their client’s intellectual property rights to maximize efficiency and success.

Ipwatchdog’s intellectual property lawyers have earned a stellar reputation for handling complex, high-stakes litigation. They are especially renowned for their skills in preparing and advocating patent appeals before the Federal Circuit, with which they consistently achieve impressive win ratios that have been acknowledged by clients and peers alike. Furthermore, ipwatchdog frequently provides expert testimony during hearings before this tribunal.

Meredith Martin “Mimi” Addy co-founded AddyHart P.C. in January 2019, and since then she has handled more than 100 appeals to the Federal Circuit and 80 cases in US district courts; she testified before Congress regarding patent and Federal Circuit matters; additionally, she held leadership roles at several AmLaw 100 law firms.

She has earned multiple rankings as a “Band 1 Patent Attorney” in Illinois from Chambers USA, as well as honorary memberships from Best Lawyers, Super Lawyers, and IP Stars.

Her practice encompasses all aspects of patent and technology litigation, with an emphasis on software. She frequently represents and defends various technology companies in complex, high-stakes disputes.

Carmichael is a veteran of the USPTO’s Solicitor’s Office who has briefed and argued numerous cases before the Federal Circuit with an impressive win-rate. After leaving his former position, he founded his own firm and has seen great success with his patent prosecution work.

ipwatchdog?s Patent Searchers

At ipwatchdog, our patent searchers are highly-experienced in conducting an efficient patent search. Achieving success with your application depends on completing a comprehensive patent search – so let us guide you!

Though no single solution exists for every client’s search needs, ipwatchdog has assembled an experienced team of patent searchers that will deliver superior results you can count on.

No doubt, searching for patents and related documents is a time-consuming task. At ipwatchdog, we understand this fact and have created an entire patent search department with experienced specialists to guarantee the correct patent searches are performed according to each client’s budget and unique requirements.

Successful patent searches require familiarity with the USPTO’s classification system, and our team at ipwatchdog takes this seriously when conducting any type of research and analysis for our clients. Furthermore, they possess a thorough knowledge of what constitutes prior art in today’s increasingly expansive definitions – so if you require an exhaustive and precise patent search, rest assured knowing our patent searchers have what it takes to deliver results.

Finally, our team of experts has taken the time to identify the top patent search tools currently available. These include tools that are user-friendly, straightforward to navigate and offer maximum results from a single search.

Our team is immensely proud of the innovation and meticulous attention to detail we’ve invested in our patent search services, and would like to express a heartfelt thank you to all our clients for making us stand out from competitors. We promise to continue providing top-notch patent and other intellectual property solutions for clients around the world.