Inventors and Patents From the City of Woodcliff Lake

Woodcliff Lake is home to a number of inventors, but not all of them are from Woodcliff Lake. Some of them have lived in other states. Here are the names of some of them. Some of these individuals have co-invented U.S. patents. Others live in other cities.


On Oct. 22, a number of local inventors and businesses received patents from the U.S. Patent Office. Among them was the City of Woodcliff Lake. This city is located about 20 miles north of Manhattan. It is accessible by the Garden State Parkway, Exit 171.

Co-inventors of the U.S. patents

Woodcliff Lake, NJ is a small town in northwest Bergen County that spans about 2,300 acres, or 3.6 square miles. It is located in a valley that has been inhabited since the Algonquin Indians settled here. The Dutch East India Company traded for beaver pelts in the area, and beaver hats became popular in Europe.

Three of the co-inventors of the U.S patents from the City of Woodcliff Lake are also from the area. They are Timmy F. Murphy and Alan J. Lesse. The fourth co-inventor is Charmaine Kirkham.

Ingersoll had little money, so he had to sell his patents to provide for his family. His mechanical skills helped others, including others, to take advantage of his invention. His only successful invention, the Ingersoll Rock Drill, helped the mining industry. Ingersoll’s rock drill replaced the wooden plugs, which were made by shipbuilders by hand. This invention paved the way for iron steamships. Ingersoll’s name lives on today through the Ingersoll-Rand Company.

Longest time between a patent being filed and being granted in Woodcliff Lake

The time between a patent being filed and being issued varies depending on the type of patent application you are filing and the complexity of the product you are trying to patent. The time frame also depends on whether you must respond to any office actions received from the USPTO. If you do not respond to the USPTO’s communications, your application process could be terminated.

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