Inventors and Patents From the City of San Juan, Puerto Rico

The City of San Juan, Puerto Rico is home to many patents and inventors. Here are a few of them. Some of them are Vaccines, Inhibitors, Solid state memory devices, Virtual test benches, and more. Check out the links below to learn more.


San Juan, Puerto Rico is home to some of the most talented and prolific inventors in the world. Some of these are not even from Puerto Rico, but were born there. The Argentinean inventor Miguel Angel Ondetti is one of them. He has been granted more than 100 patents and was recently inducted into the National Inventors Hall of Fame. Claudio Castillon Levano is another San Juan resident who was granted a U.S. Patent 6,884,211 for an artificial bubble for high-risk newborns.


This report contains the inventory of 15 Reverse Osmosis Systems in the Greater San Juan area. It is based on information collected from these systems and other sources. This report is a preliminary assessment. Further research is needed to determine the efficacy and safety of each system.

Solid state memory devices

Solid state memory devices, or SSDs, are devices that use solid-state memory to store a variety of software and information. They can be found in a variety of devices, including advanced technology attachment (ATA) flash disks and removable flash memory cards. These devices can store anything from executable code to trade secrets and financial data. They are also useful for storing security information and credit card numbers.

San Juan inventors and patents for solid-state memory devices are not limited to San Juan residents. There are dozens of inventors working around the globe. One San Juan-based company, Advanced Micro Devices, has two issued patents, including a patent for error-correction code in a memory device. The patent was co-authored by James O’Connor, a resident of Truckee, California, and Aaron Nygren, of Cambridge, Massachusetts. Another San Juan inventor, Bryan Black, resides in Spicewood, Texas.

An array of solid-state memory is generally made up of a semiconductor material. Although data retrieval from a memory array that has been erased is technically possible, it is not possible to do so without destroying the memory array physically. For security-sensitive applications, such as military applications, this is unacceptable. This method involves using instruments and time to physically destroy the memory array.

The invention further includes a method of inhibiting access to data in a solid-state memory device. This method includes generating command data, which specifies how many solid-state memory devices to erase in parallel. The command data is then sent to the storage system, which causes the device to perform the purge operation.

Virtual test benches

Virtual test benches are a great way to help inventors and patents get closer to their inventions. In the past, these inventors had to spend months waiting for their patents to be approved. Now, with the use of these test benches, they can get their work done in just a few days.

Computer programs

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