Inventors and Patents From the City of Pomona, California, USA

The city of Pomona has a rich history of community involvement. Its community-based organizations advocate for improved education, healthier community, clean streets, and justice for the poor and marginalized. These organizations are an incredible asset to the city, which faces enormous challenges.


In the month of June, the United States Patent and Trademark Office granted six patents in Pomona. Among them was a face shield patent to Haidong Gu, who filed the patent on May 30, 2021. The number of patents approved in the United States has steadily risen over the last 10 years, increasing from 225,000 in 2009 to more than 285,000 in 2019.

Pomona was originally known as an urban garden in the early 1800s, but it quickly rose to prominence as a citrus center. The railroad, which came to the area in the 1870s, fueled agricultural development. In the 1880s, the city was home to vineyards, which supplied the growing raisin and winemaking industries. By the early 1900s, citrus orchards dominated the landscape, maintaining Pomona’s economic edge in the valley.

Another company with an in-house patent was Net Optics. They developed an improved method for correlating external references to a web page and conversions performed by visitors. The patent was co-authored by Michael J. Wookey, a resident of San Mateo, Calif., and Dong Su Lee, a resident of Cerritos.

In addition to Sundstrand and Smith, another city of Pomona-born Hamilton Sundstrand has a patent. His invention is a copper-catalysed ligation of acetylenes and azides. He worked on the invention with six other co-inventors. The co-inventors include K. Barry Sharpless, K.J. Y. Jo, and Timothy M. Hollman. Inventors from Pomona are also featured in the exhibit.

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There are numerous ways to patent your invention. The City of Pomona has an active patenting program and the number of granted patents is increasing steadily. In June, there were six Pomona-based inventions that received patents. One of the Pomona-based inventions was a bicycle strap. Since 2009, the number of approved patents has been rising steadily and is projected to top 280,000 by 2020. However, patents are not a guarantee of success.

One way to attract a major company is to create a unique incentive package for the company. Amazon’s request for proposals asked applicants to list incentives they would offer. The City of Pomona did not list incentives, nor does it have a redevelopment agency. However, the two cities could partner to create a special Enhanced Infrastructure Improvement District that leverages the property tax revenues generated by a large business such as Amazon.

In a recent case, the City of Pomona won $48 million in damages from a Chilean mining company, SQM North America Corporation. This company had sold contaminated fertilizer to citrus orchards in Pomona. This fertilizer had contaminated the water supply.

The City of Pomona also filed a patent against the company Harmony Diagnostics. This patent is an affordable, portable test that assesses the risk of fetal chromosomal abnormalities. The case was successfully resolved by a cross-licensing agreement.


In Pomona, California, the city has created a robust housing strategy by studying the housing needs of the community and demographics. This framework helps to guide policy development, prioritize grant funding pursuits, and focus city resources. It helps Pomona offer affordable and diverse housing options.

The city’s mobile solar station, SolTrain, consists of three photovoltaic solar panels that produce one kilowatt of electric power. It is mounted on a wheeled trailer and was funded through the President’s Sustainability Fund. Students, faculty, and staff worked on the project for a year to create a design for the solar panels and trailer. The project has already provided electricity to several local businesses and other institutions.

In addition to brewing their own beer, the Innovation Brew Works in Pomona serves as a brewing laboratory for Cal Poly Pomona students, faculty, and the public. The brewery’s name is a play on the university’s motto, “Crafting an Education.” The brewery also sells beer and merchandise.

In 1967, Frank Zappa moved to Echo Park with his band. This band included Black, Collins, and Estrada and was known as the Mothers of Invention. In 1913, the Pomona College class donated $300 to install electric lights on College Avenue. In the same year, the United States Constitution was amended to authorize the Federal government to impose income taxes and establish direct election of senators.

Economic impact

The City of Pomona, California, is a regional economic anchor that historically has been underrepresented in decision-making. Because of the small population and location on the eastern edge of the county, Pomona has lacked strong leadership and representation in decision-making. It has long served as a regional anchor, and that status remains today.

Pomona is a thriving city with a wealth of cultural, educational, and medical assets. Its four key industries provide employment for tens of thousands and contribute millions of dollars to the local economy. These industries also include the arts and entertainment sectors. The city is home to the Pomona Valley Hospital and Casa Colina Hospital, which provide world-class health care to residents from all over Los Angeles County. It also has a vibrant arts and entertainment scene, with monthly Art Walks and concerts held throughout the city.

One study found that a child’s poverty level and family income have a significant impact on the number of inventors. For example, if a child from a poor family had a higher level of education, they would be three times as likely to become inventors. Similarly, children of poor families are less likely to become inventors than their white male counterparts. This research indicates that underdeveloped potential can affect an individual’s ability to become an inventor and contribute to economic growth and development.

While the study did not find a connection between geography and inventors, the results of the study suggest that a stronger local network of innovation can improve a child’s chances of becoming an inventor. For example, the researchers found that moving a child from the 25th percentile to the 75th percentile increases their chances of becoming an inventor by 50 percent.

Community involvement

The City of Pomona, California, is a diverse community that has a long history. Originally an agricultural community, Pomona has expanded into a thriving manufacturing hub over the last few decades. Today, the city’s economy revolves around four key sectors, which provide jobs and millions of dollars to the area’s economy. These sectors include manufacturing, education, health care, and the arts. Pomona has an active arts and entertainment scene, and the city’s cultural center hosts concerts throughout the city. It also hosts a monthly Art Walk.

Pomona has a long history of community involvement, including many community-based organizations that advocate for better public health, clean air, and safe streets. These organizations are vital resources in the City, which has faced tremendous challenges, like any other community. However, it has long served as a regional anchor.

Pomona was named for a Roman goddess of fruit. The area’s location was once part of a Native American trade route. Later, the area became known as Rancho San Jose and a part of the Mission San Gabriel grazing lands. In 1837, two soldiers petitioned the governor to obtain land rights for the region.

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