Inventors and Patents From Plano

The City of Plano is home to a number of patents and inventors, including one who is a Plano resident. Chester Greenwood invented ear muffs. Another is Wavetec Vision Systems, which has a patent for an electro-acoustic loudspeaker system. Both were created by Plano residents.

Chester Greenwood invented ear muffs

In 1873, a grammar school dropout by the name of Chester Greenwood invented ear muff. He became frustrated with the lack of ear protection in the cold and fashioned his own ear protectors out of wire and beaver fur. With his grandmother’s help, he developed a better model of ear protectors and started his own company, Greenwood’s Ear Protector Factory.

Greenwood patented his ear muffs in 1877 and went on to patent more than 100 other devices. His inventions included an advertising matchbox, a tea kettle, and a device that drills holes in wooden spools. In addition to his inventions, Chester also built a local telephone company and ran a bicycle shop. His earmuff factory closed soon after he passed away.

Farmington, Maine has also been called the “Earmuff Capital of the World.” The town holds a parade every December to celebrate Greenwood’s birthday, and local police cruisers are decorated in giant earmuffs. The event is an opportunity for the public to pay tribute to a man who gave the world cold weather protection.

Today, Chester Greenwood Day is celebrated with a parade, live music, and a chance to buy ear muffs. The annual event draws over 2,000 visitors. A large number of people line up to purchase ear muffs, but most of them are now manufactured in China and Taiwan. The event also features a chili cookoff, a gingerbread house contest, a Rotary Christmas tree auction, and a craft fair hosted by the American Legion.

Sherwin-Williams’ color display system

The Sherwin-Williams Company was founded in 1866 and manufactures paints and coatings. The company sells its products in company-operated stores. Its color display system, ColorSnap, makes selecting colors easy.

AT&T Intellectual Property I, Atlanta, has been assigned a patent

Sam Zellner is an inventor affiliated with AT&T Inc. He has been assigned a patent for his inventions by the company. His inventions have been filed in the United States and before the World Intellectual Property Organization and European Patent Office. Sam is also a member of several IP organizations.

IP Holdco has granted a sublicense to Spinco Group and AT&T Entities. The sublicense-receiving Party is required to comply with the terms of the applicable Third Party license agreement, and to require its Subsidiaries to do so as well.

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