Inventors and Patents From the City of Ontario

Ontario is home to a number of Inventors and Patents. The city has a very rich history and a diverse population of talented people. To learn about the inventions and patents assigned to individuals in the province of Ontario, read this article.


Ontario, California is home to many inventors. It is a sixth-class city in California, and has a unique form of government. It is governed by a combination of a City Council and a City Manager. In the beginning, a president-elect was elected to serve as mayor, and then the law changed to allow the people to vote directly for a mayor. The city was originally a citrus and agricultural community. Some Victorian “grove houses” still stand today.

Inventors in Ontario

Ontario, California, is a city in the Inland Empire. Incorporated as a sixth-class city under the California Constitution, Ontario adopted the City Council-City Manager form of government. The first mayor was appointed by the Board of Trustees, but the legislature changed the law to elect the mayor directly. The city was first developed as a citrus and agricultural community. Its quaint Victorian grove houses still stand today.

Inventors assigned patents

Inventors from Ontario have been recognized for their contributions to science and technology. The city is home to many innovative companies. Some of these companies have been awarded patents by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. Other companies have received patents for their innovative products.

The USPTO lists inventors and their home addresses on its patents database. Patent applications must list both inventors and their employers, and most inventions are assigned to the employer. The employer may be a company, a university, or several entities. Inventors living in Ontario will probably be assigned patents by their employers.

The Kaeseler case is less complex. While Copperhead paid for Kaeseler patents, it is not clear that Copperhead had any rights to those patents. That said, the company’s identification by corporate name and number may fall within the category of mistake. In addition, the Province of Ontario established a clear link between the parties, which makes the case less complex.

Claims are the numbered paragraphs at the end of a patent. They describe the subject matter of the invention and the boundaries of the property covered by the patent. Some claims are independent, while others refer to another claim and require all features of the dependent claim to be recited in the independent claim.

Inventors that have been assigned patents in Ontario

In some circumstances, it can be difficult to determine who owns an invention. This makes understanding patent laws very important. It will help you avoid disputes and unnecessary litigation. Individuals and corporations should protect their inventions by obtaining written agreements stating which parties own the rights. It is also important to maintain detailed records of the work performed.

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