Inventors and Patents From the City of Morris Plains

Inventors and patents are important to the city’s economy and heritage. Historically, the city has been home to many inventors. The city has also been home to a number of large businesses, including Marshalltown Drop Forge, Barclays Capital, and the Morris Dutch.

Morris’s Dutch

In Morris’s biography of Thomas Edison, we’re treated to a journey through the life of one of the most successful inventors of all time. From his birth in Milan, Ohio, to his death in West Orange, N.J., Edison’s inventions changed the world. Morris writes in elegant, colloquial prose with apt similes.

Morris’s research on Edison, for instance, was exhaustive. He dug through five million Edison documents in archives and surveyed mountains of contemporaneous newspaper articles. As a biographer, he was inspired by the energy and curiosity of the inventor. He was a true believer in Edison and became a supporter of the Edison Papers project.

John Morris

The City of Morris Plains, New Jersey is a town of innovators, inventors, and pioneers. Some of these people are well-known in the world of business and politics. These people make a difference in their respective fields. In the City of Morris Plains, they create jobs and build businesses.

In Morris’ case, he created the Morris wrench, a tool that combines a monkey wrench, a pipe wrench, a screwdriver, and a set of thread cutting dies. The inventor’s patent was issued on March 7, 1911. By then, Morris had moved out of Kansas, but his inventions remained in his name.

John Morris’s earliest patents are for a roller that rolls cotton ties. Later, he invented a device for rolling car axles. He also worked in the iron industry, as a mechanical engineer for the Reading Iron Company.

The City of Morris Plains is home to many inventors who have filed patents for their inventions. This list includes both pending patent applications and patents that have been granted by the US Patent and Trade Office. Inventors from the city of Morris Plains have made numerous contributions to society, from the production of soap to the development of computers.

Barclays Capital

Barclays Capital, a global investment firm, has invested in inventors and patents in the City of Morris Plains. One such invention is a patented payment method. The company has developed it in cooperation with five co-inventors. These individuals include Steve H. Jackson, Albert Boulanger, Leon Wu, and Serena Lee, all of whom live in the City of Morris Plains.


The City of Morris Plains police department is currently hiring for a Class III Special Officer position. The position entails responding to incidents, including non-emergency situations. The department seeks an individual who is dedicated to promoting community safety. The successful applicant will be able to use their experience and talents to help the community.

Clearing House Payments

A New York company, Clearing House Payments, has been awarded a patent for its technology. This patent covers electronic payment clearing and check image exchange systems. The patent was developed by Albert G. Wood and Steve H. Jackson, who are now both working for the company.

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