Inventors and Patents From the City of McKinney

Steven W. McKinney has filed for patents for several of his inventions. You can view his patent listing to learn about his pending applications and the patents he has been granted by the USPTO. The listing also shows a history of his inventions and the companies that he has started.

Steven W. McKinney

In 1886, the city of McKinney was settled by pioneering Texans. The city’s economy was growing at a rapid pace, and the population increased steadily. By 1885, the town had an opera house, flour mills, and newspapers. It had about two thousand residents. The Houston and Texas Central Railroad was built in 1872, and this new avenue of transportation made it possible for people and goods to move freely in and out of the town. This paved the way for the city’s unprecedented growth.

KD&E Dynamics

KD&E Dynamics is pleased to announce that three of its employees have received patents for their work. Paul Kovalov, of West Caldwell, New Jersey, received a patent for a flexible monocore baffle apparatus. Others who have received patents include Judson DeCew of Rochester, N.Y., and Eric Johnson of Danvers, Mass.

DEKA Products

The City of McKinney is proud to partner with DEKA Products of Manchester, Texas, in developing a revolutionary arm prosthetic device. The device, called the Roxo, was created by the company and was designed to carry 100 pounds of packages. It stands five feet tall and weighs 450 pounds and has sensors that detect objects up to 150 feet away. It will be able to travel on sidewalks and roads.

Verizon Patent & Licensing

Verizon Patent & Licensing has been assigned the patent (8,798,253) for network routing. The inventors of this patent include Curtis E. Allen and Phillip D. Crable, who are located in Colorado Springs. They are also working with the City of McKinney on other ideas that will help their community.

General Dynamics C4 Systems

General Dynamics C4 Systems, a local company, has been assigned a patent (9,398,564) for its method of channel selection for a wireless network. The patent application was filed on Feb. 24, 2012. The patent is for a wireless communication network that uses a satellite-based data system for communications.

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