Inventors and Patents From the City of Mayfield Heights

Did you know that seven patents have been granted to Mayfield Heights residents over the past week? This is a great example of the local ingenuity and innovation. This city is home to many inventors who are making the world a better place every day.

Inventors in Mayfield Heights

Mayfield Heights is home to several patent-winning companies. For instance, Spectrum Diversified Designs, located in the city, designs household organizers such as paper towel holders and tooth brush stands. While the company has recently reduced its staff from more than 100 to fifty, it ranks among the top patent-producing companies in Northeast Ohio. Other companies in the area include Rockwell Automation, which has design labs at its Mayfield campus.

The pace of patenting in the city has increased in recent years. One reason for this is the emergence of a booming tech industry. A new technology, product or process creates new jobs and boosts the economy. This innovation also creates wealth. It also helps define the state-of-the-art for global industries. Inventors and patents from the city have a positive impact on the economy and the community.

Inventors in Dayton

The city of Mayfield Heights, Ohio is home to an innovative technology company. The company has received several patents for its products. For example, the company has patented a new method of mounting antennas on off-road vehicles. This patent was originally filed on July 22, 2016. The invention is owned by Darryl E. Whitley, who grew up in Milwaukee.

Inventors and patents are vital to the region’s economy. They drive investment and innovation, which lead to higher wages and new companies. A major research university in a region is a good place to start. In Northeast Ohio, the Case Western Reserve University brought home 35 patents in 2011.

Inventors in Cleveland

Ohioans have contributed to the invention of many technologies, from the airplane to the light bulb to chewing gum. During the last two hundred years, Ohio has produced many innovators and scientists. In 1911, John Kettering invented the first self-starting automobile, an important development at the time. Before that, drivers had to crank their engines by hand before entering their vehicles. Kettering’s invention is an integral part of the automobile’s history, and he holds over 300 patents.

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