Inventors and Patents From the City of Indianapolis

In July 2016, 69 patents were granted to Indianapolis residents for their inventions. The city is a hub for innovation, and its residents have come up with some of the best inventions in the world. Here are some examples of local inventors. Listed below are some of the most recent patents issued in Indianapolis and Kosciusko County.


There are several notable Indianapolis-area inventors who have made a lasting contribution to the world. The Ball brothers, for example, developed a jar that made it possible for canners to keep staples fresh. The jar was later adopted by hipsters as a symbol of hipster culture. Others include Elwood Haynes, who invented the thermostat and a gas-powered car. He was also credited with bringing the world the TR-1 transistor radio, which dispensed with bulky vacuum tubes and ushered in an era of smaller electronics. Inventors such as these are also responsible for the development of the “podfather” of today’s mobile devices.

The data contains details on 18.8 million patent documents, including inventor and applicant addresses. In addition, it contains information on patent office location. This information is imputed from subsequent filings within the same patent family, so it can be used to track patenting activity at the geographic level. The database is not biased towards traditional patent offices, which is a useful feature for analyzing the invention process.

One of the key resources for Indianapolis inventors is the Indiana State University. The university’s Center for Intellectual Property Research seeks to connect Indiana inventors with pro bono attorneys who can help them patent their inventions. The IP Clinic is a new program that offers access to legal services and resources for inventors.

Inventors and patents from the city have contributed to the advancement of science, technology, and culture. The Gatling Gun was the first highly efficient machine gun, created by Indianapolis resident Richard Gatling. The gun saw action during the Civil War and was capable of firing 350 rounds a minute. Later, it was improved to 3,000 rounds per minute, a significant boost in military combat.

The city’s patent history includes a number of notable inventors, including two who invented the first insulin commercially. The company was also responsible for the creation of penicillin and the polio vaccine. Another important invention is the fluoride addition to toothpaste, which was developed by IU researchers. Before that, people had to use chalk or salt to brush their teeth.

Patents filed in Marion County can be tracked in five-year increments. In addition, patent counts are broken down by technology class. This information is derived from de Rassenfosse et al. (2013), a study on inventor country coverage. Using these data, a percentage of first filings can be calculated.

This data source is a valuable tool for identifying inventors and patents. The data includes information about the inventors, collaborators, and organizations associated with the inventors. This information can help economic development practitioners find local partners and understand the web of science in the area. It is also a good indicator of critical technology resources in the area.

Inventors in Kosciusko County

The concentration of patents and technology in Kosciusko County, Indiana, is a positive sign for the region’s future. Patents and technology are important economic drivers for the region. While patents do not guarantee a bright economic future, they do suggest a stronger local economy.

Kosciusko County is home to some of the state’s most innovative companies. For instance, the area is home to Camp Invention, a nationally recognized summer program that promotes hands-on programming and exploration of the STEM curriculum. In the past 20 years, Camp Invention education programs have served over 1.5 million children, 70,000 teachers, and more than 700 Leadership Interns.

Inventors in Indianapolis

The City of Indianapolis is home to many renowned inventors. One of the most well-known is Dr. William Scholl, a famous “chiropodist.” In 1904, he created a device called the Foot Eazer, a simple device that consists of two pieces of metal connected by a spring. However, he never lived to see its commercialization, leaving Indiana in his late twenties to pursue a career in Chicago. Eventually, he died at the age of 85. Another famous inventor is C. Frances Jenkins, who in 1894 screened the first film in color and with electric light. Each frame was individually colored by hand. Another Indianapolis resident, Orville Redenbacher, was born and raised in Brazil.

An Indianapolis patent attorney can help you navigate the patent filing process. These professionals work with independent inventors and small businesses. They will communicate with you by phone, email, or online document exchanges. The process of filing a patent in Indianapolis is complex and can be confusing, and it is important to work with a qualified Indianapolis patent attorney who can guide you through the entire process.

The concentration of technology and patent making in Kosciusko County, Indiana, is an important indicator of a future rich in technology. It is also a sign of a more promising economic future. The article was prepared by Timothy Slaper at Indiana University and supported by the U.S. Department of Commerce and Federal funds.

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