Inventors and Patents From the City of Fullerton

Did you know that Fullerton, California, is home to numerous patents and inventors? Inventors in Fullerton included Xerox, Tesla Motors, and Beckman Instruments. In this article, we’ll look at some of their innovations.

Fullerton was an inventor and patent holder

In his lifetime, Fullerton received more than 500 patents, earning him the title of “The Edison of the 21st Century.” Born in Arkansas, Fullerton spent his early years living in Europe and the United Kingdom. He then moved to Alabama when he got a job with NASA in Huntsville. He married Susan Fullerton and they have a son, Eric. The couple have been married for 45 years.

After he got his doctorate, Fullerton was home to a large manufacturing facility where the company grew to over nine hundred employees. This large employer employed thousands of Fullerton residents, many of whom spent a good part of their lives at the company’s headquarters on Harbor Boulevard. Later, some of them left to start their own companies. Still, an active group of former employees and retirees of the company still meets in Fullerton.

In 1978, Fullerton applied for a patent for a device called a zip nut, which allowed people to quickly and easily attach a bolt to a zipper. In late 1982, Fullerton assigned his patent rights to a Utah corporation, Fullerton Zip Nut, Inc. In January 1983, the company registered the transfer with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. The firm merged with Fullerton Inc. in February 1985.

The company was closely located to the Polara office in Fullerton, California. The company had complete control over the invention. The company installed the device and monitored its use.

Beckman Instruments

Beckman’s interest in industrial innovation and instrumentation led him to serve as a private consultant to industry. The Caltech chemistry department was proud of its pure research, but Beckman remained interested in the broader application of science. His fascination with instrumentation and industrial innovation was further enhanced by a visit to the University of California, Los Angeles by a young inventor named Glen Joseph.

In 1935, Beckman was an assistant professor at the California Institute of Technology. He had trouble establishing a connection between his research and commercial endeavors, but he decided to create an instrument for his friend. He realized that it was important to have an instrument that could measure acidity, and he thought that there would be a market for it. His pH meter became one of the most important instruments in the world of analytical chemistry.

In 1940, Rasmussen joined Beckman as an 18-year-old laborer and machinist. His work included the hand-building of three Beckman infrared spectrophotometers. These instruments played a vital role in the American war effort. The first two spectrophotometers were used to produce synthetic rubber, while the third was used in the plane that followed the Enola Gay to Hiroshima.

Beckman Instruments began with modest beginnings, but grew into a global company. Today, it is one of the world’s largest suppliers of laboratory equipment and services. Its headquarters are in California, and it operates in more than 120 countries. The City of Fullerton is home to a branch of Beckman Instruments, Inc.


Xerox has long been known as the company that puts ink on paper. Though the company still makes printers and copiers, it has also become a hub for innovation. It has sent scientists around the world to study technology challenges and come up with innovative solutions. One such scientist is Bob Loce. He was born in India but moved to the United States to pursue his education. He became frustrated with the lack of real-world applications for his scholarly research, so he joined Xerox in 1980.

The City of Fullerton also has a long history of innovation, with a large number of patents and inventors. One of its most famous inventions is the Polara printer. This printer has helped the industry immensely. It was invented in Fullerton, where it was close to Polara headquarters. The company also had full control over the invention, installing it and monitoring its performance.

The Xerox 914 was first unveiled on September 16, 1959. Although this machine was unrecognized at the time, it became an important milestone for Xerox. In fact, Chester Carlson, the first man to use this technology, was buried in Fullerton. His name was even featured on the 21C/ stamp in the Great Americans series.

The company began testing the device publicly in Fullerton, California. After some initial problems were solved, it went on to install a more advanced version of the system at a busier intersection. It remained there until the company filed a patent application, USPN 7,145,476, which incorporated the invention.

Tesla Motors

In the early 2000s, the City of Fullerton, California, was a hotbed for innovation. Inventors and entrepreneurs from this city filed patent applications for everything from a traffic signal box to a computerized traffic flow monitoring system. Many of these patents were granted to local businesses.

Today, Fullerton is a renowned inventor and scientist with over 500 patents. He has been called the Edison of the 21st century. Fullerton was born in Arkansas, but spent his early years abroad in Europe. He spent part of his life in the military. He then landed a job with NASA in Huntsville, Alabama, where he settled. He has two children, Eric and Shepherd, and a wife named Susan.

Fullerton was home to several major companies, including Beckman Instruments. These companies employed thousands of people. Their headquarters was on a forty-acre orange grove. Beckman Instruments made many products for the scientific community, including the Beckman Biomek 1000 robotic workstation that scientists used during the Human Genome Project. The community was proud of Beckman Instruments, and the company provided generous donations to many groups in the city.


Inventors and patents from the City of Fullerton can prove their legitimacy if they have the right to use their ideas. In one case, a Fullerton inventor filed a patent for a traffic signal that he had invented. The patent was issued, and the company sold the first units. The company had full control of the invention and had to install and monitor the installation.

One of the most famous fullerton inventors, Edward O. Beckman, was a professor at CalTech when he invented the acidimeter, or pH meter, that is used to measure acidity and alkalinity in a solution. The pH meter was so revolutionary, in fact, that he decided to retire from his teaching job and became the president of the National Technical Laboratories.

Fullerton’s Inventors and Patents list also lists Larry W. Fullerton, who filed for patents to protect his inventions. It also lists pending patent applications, as well as patents granted by the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

Beckman donated dozens of scholarships to local students and donated instruments to CSUF and Fullerton College. The company also funded science technology programs and exhibits. It even funded field trips.

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