Inventors and Patents From the City of Fremont

Fremont is home to a number of renowned companies, including Tesla, Lam Research, and Boston Scientific. There are also many patents that have ties to the city. Tesla, Lam Research, and Boston Scientific are among the top employers in Fremont.


Inventors and Patents From the city of Fremont are a diverse group. In addition to a few notable locals, many people from the city are part of a growing technology scene. The tech sector has also been home to several major companies.

One local company is Kovio. The company has a patent (No. 7,881,458) for a system, method, or program for parallelizing source code. The patent was filed on Sept. 22, 2004, and four co-inventors are from San Jose and Sunnyvale, Calif.

Fremont’s top employers include Tesla, Lam Research, and Boston Scientific. As a result, there are many patents that have been issued in the city. Many people from Fremont have invented new technologies, and the area is home to several patents related to their inventions.

The City of Fremont is proud of its residents’ contributions to the invention community. Many of its residents have found ways to make their hometown a better place to live. Fremont has an abundance of innovative ideas that can lead to great things. In the case of a patent, a company is creating products that will help people improve their lives.

Another local company, Genesis Microchip, is an inventor of a product that uses a novel DNA detection technique. The company was assigned a patent for this invention on Nov. 30, 2006. A similar process was developed by two other companies in the area. Their inventions include a new way to measure DNA attachment to an electrode surface in the presence of molecular oxygen.

Two other companies that have had their products patented in Fremont include Eyetools, Inc., and Facet Biotech. The Eyetools patent application was filed on April 9, 2004. Both companies received a patent on their product in 2007. These companies have contributed to the local economy by creating jobs and developing technology.

Listed below are a few more local companies that have had their products patented. The City of Fremont is proud of its citizens who are creating the next big thing. Listed below are a few of the companies and individuals that are a part of this exciting industry.

Another local business is the company NetApp. They have been awarded a patent on a technique for controlling the traffic of link exchanges. They were joined by five co-inventors, including Steven R. Kleiman, a Los Altos, Calif. resident. The company is also credited with another patent for automated participants in a hosted conversation.

The city of Fremont is home to a number of patents. One of them, called the Intel patent, was assigned to Intel. The invention is an improved version of a method for protecting digital content. The patent application was filed on Sept. 29, 2006. The four other co-inventors are Changliang Wang, of Bellevue, Washington, and Radhakrishnan K. Kalaiyappan, of Kuala Lumpur.

The city is also home to Life Technologies, which has received a patent for a system for online purchasing card transactions. The patent covers a method that is based on user interface events. This invention was created by Andrea Cline, Marilyn Parks, Johannes Weigand, and Abram Lietz.

Inventors in Fremont

Inventors from Fremont have been recognized for their work in a number of areas, including semiconductors and electronics. In one area, two men from Fremont have been awarded patents for similar inventions. In another, a group of six people from the city have been recognized for developing a new method of parallelizing source code. The group’s patent application was filed on Sept. 22, 2004, and it covers a variety of techniques.

A recent report by business consulting firm AT Kearney named the San Francisco-Oakland-Fremont metro area as one of the world’s most innovative cities. In both innovation and entrepreneurship, the Bay Area was ranked as the top city in the world. This is partly due to the presence of tech giants such as Facebook and Google, which churn out a large number of patents each year. The region is also home to a large amount of venture capital, which helps entrepreneurs launch their ventures.

Another example of a local company is Micrel. The company has a patent for a vascular access system. The company has been developing this technology since 2004. Another example of a local business in Fremont is Integral Development, which filed for a patent on Aug. 17, 2007.

Inventors from Fremont have been recognized for their work in the technology field. Elric Fremont, for example, has filed for patents to protect his innovations. The patent listing includes both pending applications and patents granted by the USPTO. These entrepreneurs have all worked hard to improve their lives through their creations.

A Fremont resident has also been awarded a patent for an invention. A patent, numbering 8734233, was assigned to him by Intuit. It covers a method of determining the value of an invention. This process involves a process of determining the price for a product, as well as a method of identifying the value of the product. The process takes a few months to complete and requires a patent.

Two companies have also been awarded patents. Harris Technology has a patent for an improved method of manufacturing a communication device. Its patent application was filed on Sept. 28, 2009. The two companies also have co-inventors. Their names are listed in the patent application.

Another company, MagIC Technologies, has a patent for a new method of converting a battery into an electric vehicle. This technique has been used in many applications. The company was awarded a patent for its invention, numbering 12,653,200. The company has received patents for products developed by its employees.

Other notable inventions by Fremont residents include the FormFactor electric vehicle. The patent was issued to the company in May 2009, with the other four inventors living in San Jose and Redwood City. Other companies in the area include Intel, Mattel, and JDS Uniphase.

Another company from the city has a patent for a magnetic pulsing system. The company’s name and address are on the patent. The company also has offices in Chicago, Evanston, and Atherton. Its co-inventors are Robert E. Fischell, a Dayton, Maryland, and Scott J.S. Lam.

Besides Mary Carpenter, Martha Coston was another Fremont resident who was granted a U.S. patent. In 1859, she secured a patent for naval night-time signaling devices on behalf of her husband Franklin. The patent was successful and her company, the Coston Supply Company, remained in operation until the 1970s.

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