Inventors and Patents From the City of Charleston

Inventors in the Charleston area attend SCORE forums in North Charleston, South Carolina, where they learn about business basics and legal rights for their products. These forums are free and open to the public. Topics covered include licensing, patents, trademarks, and copyright laws. The SCORE inventors forum is led by a patent attorney who answers questions about patents and copyright laws.

Errors in filing for a patent

In many cases, the Office of Patent Trial and Appeal will make every effort to expedite your request. However, if you are having difficulties with the Office’s process, you should consult your attorney. An attorney can help you prepare your patent application, or explain the process in plain language. A patentee can also contact the Office if they are having trouble filing or need additional information.

If you are considering applying for a patent in the City of Charleston, make sure you hire a patent attorney who has extensive experience in dealing with the process. Charleston is a beautiful city with over a hundred thousand residents, right on the Atlantic Ocean. The historic city is home to plenty of museums and cultural celebrations. Whether you’re planning a wedding, a corporate event, or a personal event, Charleston has something for everyone.

Efficiencies in “steering” electromagnetic waves

A holographic-based method for “steering” electromagnetic waves has been proposed. This technique involves changing the shape of the electromagnetic wave to produce a desired image. It is useful for delivering high energy to target objects over wide angles. Efficiencies in “steering” electromagnetic waves are inversely proportional to the number of pixels. This method is effective only if the pixel size is less than the wavelength of the beam.

The metasurface device can be used for beam steering. The metasurface is composed of multiple subwavelength units. A metasurface is used to change the reflection and transmission phase of an electromagnetic wave. In a metasurface, the phase of an electromagnetic wave can be adjusted by using a coding sequence or phase gradient. The metasurface will not change the frequency of the beam, thereby reducing unnecessary attenuation.

Efficiencies in “steering,” radio waves, and infrared energy are possible. Plasma-based energy steering can be applied to a variety of electromagnetic wave types, including higher frequency radio waves and infrared energy. The frequency of the plasma can be a factor of up to two orders of magnitude lower than the frequency of the steered electromagnetic wave. For example, a higher density of plasma can cause a greater shift in radio frequency and infrared energy.

This technology may be able to boost data transmission efficiency by several orders of magnitude. This technique is highly promising for 5G and mobile communications. In addition to increasing data transmission efficiency, the technique can provide continuous wide-angle steering. Moreover, it can track moving mobile phone users or turn a moving object more accurately than a satellite dish. It may also be used for satellite communications. If successful, this technology could lead to a better future for all wireless technologies.

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