Inventors and Patents From the City of Cape Coral

The City of Cape Coral is located in Southwest Florida, near the Gulf of Mexico. The city is served by two airports, Charlotte County Airport and Page Field. Its water and sewer systems are operated by the city. Sewage is collected and treated to create reclaimed water that is distributed to the community through dual water pipes. The reclaimed water can be discharged into the Caloosahatchee River.

Inventors in Cape Coral

The inventions of Cape Coral’s residents are well-known and recognized throughout the world. One local inventor, Stan Jerantowski, has become an internationally known name due to his patented Filterglove, a glove designed to prevent oil spills. Power & Motor Yachts magazine named him the “genius of Cape Coral” in August 2004. His invention was so successful that he soon received offers from large global distributors.

Another local inventor from Cape Coral , Jamie R. Hill holds a Helicopter Conversion Patent. The patent is for a method of converting an existing helicopter airframe, to a special purpose use such as, for example, a gunship or a firefighter, and a helicopter constructed thereby. The process takes a conventional, multi-passenger, helicopter from a primary design use to a second, un-anticipated use after the primary function has ceased. The invention converts the helicopter from a dual-piloted, multi-passenger aircraft to a helicopter gunship flown by a single operator/pilot. The patent number under which the patent has been assigned is US005377934A.

Additionally, Jamie R. Hill also holds a patent for a rotor blade recorder system. The system accumulates the total number of hours that the rotor blades of a helicopter have been rotating at operational speeds. As long as the rotor continues at the operating speed, the hour meter continues to record the time at work. The patent number under which the patent has been assigned is USOO5375977A.

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The Rosen Brothers

The Rosen Brothers (Leonard Rosen and Jack Rosen) are widely believed to have founded Cape Coral. They were real estate developers who purchased a 103-square-mile (270 km2) tract of land at the time known as Redfish Point in 1957. In 1958, they began development of the city as having a well planned community in mind.

These brothers were also gifted salsemen who sold the Charles Antell hair-grooming product line. They realized how efficient their products were and discovered that TV could bring their product into the living rooms of end users. They are considered the inventors infomercials, a risky and innovative way to sell Charles Antell Hair Products via television. They did this by buying cheap airtime on stations that were not on the air.

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The business was a success and the brothers used the profits to create Sandy Investment Company Inc. Later, the company became known as Gulf American Land Corporation. It was the US’s largest land sales company.

Companies that have been assigned patents

Companies from the City of Cape Coral have also received patents from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. These companies include companies that have a headquarters in Cape Coral and others located throughout the state. These include companies that have been assigned patents in the printing industry, and those that produce and distribute products.


There are many benefits to obtaining a patent. Having a patent means that your invention is protected and marketed. However, a patent doesn’t always ensure success. Statistically, roughly 50 percent of patents are unsuccessful due to the costs involved. However, if you’ve got an idea or product that will benefit from a patent, it’s worth pursuing.

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