Inventors and Patents From the City of Camas

Camas is well-connected to the population centers of nearby areas but has made a point to preserve its history. Today, the city boasts a modern public library and several buildings listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Once a one-company town, Camas has become a thriving community that is grateful to Henry L. Pittock and Don Stearns for their hard work.


In Camas, the largest gap between the date of filing for a patent and the date of grant was 615 days. This happened in the case of a patent application filed by Lightfleet Corporation in September 2020 and approved on May 24, 2022. While obtaining a patent is necessary to commercialize your invention, it is not a 100% guarantee. According to Dennis Crouch, co-director of the Center for Intellectual Property & Entrepreneurship, having a patent does not necessarily guarantee success.

In order to find the correct assignee for a patent, the assigned address must be geolocated. The EPO and PCT databases provide higher resolution addresses than the USPTO’s. These addresses allow researchers to be more specific when comparing two inventors. For example, two inventors with the same last name and a common address are more likely to be the same person. USPTO addresses are generally of poor quality.

While the USPTO has a clear bias in the number of patents granted, the EPO is a more fair and balanced accounting of inventors. The EPO grants protection in Europe, and many non-US inventors submit their inventions to that patent office. The three major offices are now linked together, in an effort to disambiguate the patent process and account for prolific inventors equally.

The local inventor IDs are listed alphabetically, with the rank based on total patents granted in the area. Local inventor IDs are identical with the IDs used in USPTO and OECD databases. Yr indicates the application year of the patent. This column includes all patents issued in the last 20 years in Camas. It also includes assignees.


Inventors and patents from the city of Camas are important pieces of local history. These documents give the public an opportunity to learn more about a person’s past and future. They can provide invaluable information about a person’s interests and accomplishments. They also tell us more about the city’s current population. In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the most notable inventions made by local residents.

Inventors and patents in Camas date back to the 1850s. The city was chosen for a paper mill by the LaCamas Colony Company in 1859. The company, owned by Henry L. Pittock, needed water to power paper-making machines. The lakes in the area provided an excellent source of water. The name “LaCamas” came from the camas roots native to the area. In 1870, a store called Aeneas MacMaster opens in LaCamas. In 1884, the town’s first post office and school are built. Camas was incorporated in 1906.

The city has an annual population of about 28,000 people. It ranks fourth in the list of patents. The city has an estimated population of 28,334. The average number of patents per 10,000 residents is 15.5. This city has the highest number of patents per capita in Oregon and Washington. The figures for 2016 are not yet available for the city. However, the information provided in the patents of Camas is an excellent resource for determining the number of local inventors and their products.

Inventors in Camas have made a great impact in the region. The area is home to several major companies. Among them are Incepto Medical Technologies LLC and Bradley J. Stringer. The company was awarded patent No. 6,756,417 for this invention. The company also issued two patents. The city’s residents have contributed significantly to the national economy.

Economic growth

In Camas, the economic growth coming from inventors and patents is a positive thing. The city is home to Inventist Inc., an invention company that employs seven people. While many of the ideas that come to the company do not make it past the prototype stage, the basement testing ground serves as a morgue for discarded ideas. While the company is located above Camas Meadows Golf Course, it still provides employment opportunities to local residents.

STEM-educated workers

For over 20 years, the City of Camas and the SEH America have worked together to educate and train students in careers that require STEM education. These partners have provided valuable internships and professional mentoring opportunities for students. Several programs are also available in the community, including an advanced manufacturing pilot program that provides part-time paid work-based learning opportunities at SEH America. Graduates of the program can also earn an associate degree from Clark College.

The 2020 nPower Teachers initiative is a new model for career awareness and engagement. Rather than relying on guest speakers and other models, this initiative partners teachers with the business community to provide the curriculum. One such initiative is a collaborative venture between Camas’ School District and the TechSmartKids organization. These two groups have developed curriculum and activities that will help students learn about the opportunities available in STEM fields.

The Southwest Washington STEM Network, which includes Camas, is a collaborative effort to connect educators, industry, and other organizations. This innovative program brings together business and education leaders to address the growing skills gap in the region. It aims to educate future STEM workers to ensure a successful and innovative business environment. The program is a model for successful collaboration between educators and business leaders. Its impact and results will benefit both sides.

Port of Camas-Washougal

In the early days of non-Native settlement, the two cities shared little in common. Today, both cities share the Port of Camas-Washougal, which has hosted more than 350 vessels and 41 businesses. Founded in 1935, the Port is a major regional economic center that boasts more than 20 different businesses. The city also features a marina that can handle more than 350 vessels, as well as Capt. William Clark Park on Cottonwood Beach, east of Washougal.

The first attempts to settle the area did not bear fruit until the mid-1880s, when the La Camas Colony Company decided to establish a town. Wood pulp, lumber, and paper manufacturing have long dominated the economy, although recent years have seen increased investment in high-tech industries. With a growing population and growing business activity, Camas-Washougal has become a major destination for high-tech companies.

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