Inventors and Patents From the City of Batesville

In August, Bio-Flex Labs, LLC in Batesville, Alabama, filed a patent for a fertilizer production apparatus. It was approved by the Patent Office on Aug. 17. Although it is important to have a patent for an invention, getting a patent is not always a guarantee of success. Co-director of the Center for Intellectual Property & Entrepreneurship, Dennis Crouch, said that a patent is not always necessary for a successful business.


The southeastern Indiana city of Batesville, Indiana, is within an easy drive of many major metropolitan areas. Located on the border between Franklin and Ripley counties, it offers the benefits of big city growth with small town charm. Founded in 1852, the city is home to more than 6,500 people. What began as a dream for a young man to settle in southeastern Indiana has evolved into a thriving community.

Science linkage

In a new report published by the National Institute of Standards and Technology, the linkage between inventors and patents from Batesville was highlighted. This report identifies more than 60 scientists and engineers who have contributed to the field of science and technology. The findings highlight the importance of the Batesville area’s entrepreneurial ecosystem. Founded in 1895, Batesville is home to more than 100 startups, attracting investment from around the world.

The City of Batesville is home to several patent offices and is a leading center for biomedical research. There, researchers can explore the links between inventors and patents and connect them to their local community. The link between patents and inventions in Batesville is significant. However, there are some barriers in this process. For example, some applicants may be denied a patent because their applications do not meet the requirements of the American Patent Office.

Emerging companies

In recent months, the City of Batesville has launched a new website and promotional video to promote the community and economy. The efforts are part of the city’s “Build Better in Batsville” campaign, spearheaded by the Batesville Marketing Coalition, a partnership between the city and regional businesses. The site and video, “Discover Batesville,” highlight the city’s opportunities for economic development.

Science linkage in Batesville

The report details the factors that foster cross-disciplinary research and highlights the obstacles to this type of collaboration. The report also looks at the successes and failures of other cross-disciplinary collaborations, including the committee’s own experiences. The next section focuses on the committee’s recommendations. The committee’s findings were compared to those of previous studies. In addition to laying out its findings, the report also outlines its recommendations for future efforts.

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