Inventors and Patents From the City of Bakersfield

Having an invention patented means that it will be protected, but this doesn’t mean it will be successful. Even if the idea is a great one, getting a patent won’t guarantee that it will be successful. According to Dennis Crouch, co-director of the Center for Intellectual Property and Entrepreneurship, roughly 50 percent of patents end up expiring because of costs.

PTMT drill-down report profiling patenting activity at the micro/metropolitan area level

The PTMT reports provide a unique insight into patenting activity at the micro/metropolisn area level. Using these data, you can determine where patents were filed in U.S. counties, micropolitan areas, and states. The PTMT drill-down reports should have fewer problems aggregating data. We encourage readers to comment on the PTMT process in the comments section.

To compile this data, PTMT matched patents with two or more regional component areas, counties, or inventors’ cities. Each city may correspond to more than one regional component area. Patent counts are divided evenly between the matched areas. The number of patents associated with a micro/metropolitan area is reported in both descending and ascending alphabetical order.

Patents originate in states, territories, and the District of Columbia. These are distributed according to the residence of the first-named inventor. The regional tables include county-level information and annual patent counts. Each region is listed in decreasing order of total patent counts. Each table also includes summed total counts. This allows users to compare patent activity at different levels.

Issues with USPS files

The US Postal Service (USPS) has been in the news lately for a number of reasons. Although the organization is not known for its innovation, it does have a very visible infrastructure, from mailboxes to PO Boxes to postmen in mail carts. The high court recently held that the USPS cannot use a patent for its patented method of handling undeliverable mail if it does not have the right to do so.

Regional table of inventors and patents

The regional table of inventors and patents for the City of Bakersfield provides a list of patents and inventions associated with the region. The table is divided into several parts: a state, a region, a county, a territory, and the District of Columbia. Each component area is listed in decreasing order. Counts for the regional component areas are calculated from all the inventors associated with that area during the calendar year.

The City of Bakersfield is a significant hub for energy production and agriculture. The region around Bakersfield is among the most productive oil-producing counties in the United States. Its industries include petroleum refining, natural gas extraction, and food processing. It is also the home of the world-famous Bakersfield sound. The city’s history dates back to the Yokuts, who lived in lodges along the Kern River delta, hunting antelope and deer. Spanish explorers arrived in the area in 1776 and began farming, ranching, and exploring the region.

The City of Bakersfield is located about 110 miles north of Los Angeles. The city is accessible by Interstate 5 or State Route 99. A historic landmark in Bakersfield is the historic Bakersfield Californian building, listed on the National Register of Historic Places. It is the direct descendant of the Daily Courier newspaper, which was founded in 1857. In addition to its historical significance, Bakersfield is also a center for technology and engineering.

GIPA Young Inventor’s Award

The Georgia Intellectual Property Alliance facilitates the Young Inventor’s Award and Patent Assistance for STEM Students, a program to increase awareness of intellectual property and educational resources for young innovators in Georgia. The program’s founders, retired engineer Michael Frnka and patent attorney Laura Brewer, have already submitted four of the five winning inventions for patent protection. To make it easier for students to get involved, they can learn more about the competition, submit their ideas, or apply for the award.

The Young Inventor’s Prize is an international competition for inventors under the age of 30 who are working towards solving environmental or social problems. The prize recognizes innovations that address global sustainability issues and contribute to meeting the Sustainable Development Goals. These goals include climate action, the fight against global hunger, and quality education for all. Nominations are open to anyone who has an original idea that addresses one of these issues.

The GIPA Young Inventor’s Award program is a powerful motivator for GSEF participants and a great way to showcase new innovations. GIPA is also proud to host the IP Think Tank and Corporate IP Roundtable, as well as the annual Georgia Patent Agent Roundtable. The organization also plans to host the Southeast IP Job Fair, which will provide opportunities for students to network with leading researchers in the field.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Inventors in the Bakersfield area are well-represented by a talented team of patent attorneys. The firm is committed to ensuring that new inventions are properly protected. Whether an invention is functional, fully realized, or even a new method of treatment, it is vital to ensure that it is protected with a patent. To do so, you should contact a Bakersfield patent attorney to help you get started on the process.

For a vapor-condenser, there is a Bakersfield resident who has been granted a patent. International Business Machines has assigned a patent to him, which covers a three-dimensional folded structure. Other Bakersfield-based inventors include Rand G. Cecala and David R. Anson, who work at Wastewater Solutions Inc. and have numerous prior patent applications, including a recent one for a vapor-condenser. In addition, Inventor Holdings was assigned a patent (USPTO) that covers the technology of an automated septic system.

The location of an inventor is determined by the city and state in which the individual lived at the time of patent grant. Because inventors are associated with specific U.S. regional component areas, it is possible to determine where they lived by using the city and state of their residence. The PTMT manually matches inventors’ data to the appropriate area. This allows the organization to find more information about inventors who are located in their local area.


The Supreme Court ruled in the case of Minerva Surgical vs. Hologic that inventors cannot challenge their own patents. The case began with Minerva Surgical’s suit against Hologic for attempting to abolish the doctrine of patent assignor estoppel, which prohibits an inventor from challenging his own patents. While the Supreme Court ruled in favor of Minerva Surgical, the court also put some limitations on how the doctrine can be used to prevent patent challenges.

In 2001, the NovaSure System received commercial approval. After a few years, the company sold its patent portfolio to another company for $8 million. In 2007, the patent was acquired by Hologic, Inc., a company based in Bakersfield, Calif. Founded in 1931, Hologic is an innovative medical device manufacturer that employs over 1,000 people in California.

The Bakersfield-based firm has a long history of success in patent prosecution. Sierra IP Law, PC offers comprehensive legal assistance to inventors who are interested in securing patent protection for their new inventions. Its patent attorneys are experienced in handling patent applications and have extensive experience managing the timing of the process. It’s essential to protect an invention as early as possible.

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