Incubator and Accelerator Programs For Startups in New York

While you can join an incubator to help your startup grow, there are also many other places you can work while incubating your company. If you want to make your business as successful as possible, you should look at these organizations. Some of them even provide free desk space for startup founders. Others offer mentoring and provide access to investors. Incubators are an excellent way to get your company off the ground and help you attract investors.

Small Business Development Center

The Small Business Development Center has an incubator accelerator program in New York that is aimed at helping start-up companies. The program is designed to help small businesses with their business plans and provide ongoing business education and consultation. It also offers business workshops for young entrepreneurs.

However, there are many requirements for applying to the program. You must be a university student or an alumni, have a passion for entrepreneurship, and have a business plan. The application process is on a rolling basis, and each applicant must be fully prepared to present their idea and answer their questions.

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Entrepreneurs Roundtable

The Entrepreneurs Roundtable Accelerator, or ERA, is a city-funded accelerator that’s located right in the Big Apple. The Entrepreneurs Roundtable Accelerator is a program that gives startups the chance to work with a network of angel investors and venture capitalists.It is also the largest accelerator in New York City. What makes this accelerator unique is its two 16-week programs that include seed funding and co-working space. It also offers mentorship support for companies from more than 300 experts investors, sales executives, and product specialists.

The Entrepreneurs Roundtable Accelerator, founded in 2011, has consistently conducted accelerator programs for entrepreneurs in the tech industry. They also facilitate seed funding of up to $100K. Their impressive portfolio of startup success stories shows their focus on platform-focused startups.

This accelerator is open to all businesses, regardless of their background. It focuses primarily on technology-based companies. This accelerator is often considered the “go-to” place for entrepreneurs looking to make it big in the entrepreneurial world.

XRC Labs

XRC Labs is an accelerator for startups in New York City. It helps startups develop technologies that transform the consumer goods supply chain, and create an ecosystem that supports success. These companies are focused on bridging the gap between e-commerce and retail, and disrupting the traditional supply chain. Their focus is on a consumer-centric experience and on providing a high-quality experience.

XRC Labs’ mentors are backed by a diverse range of expertise. The program’s team is led by Sam Bailey, a seasoned veteran of the New York startup ecosystem. He has a background in early-stage venture capital, having served as Associate and Principal at a family office. Ashwin also serves as an active angel investor in emerging markets, particularly Africa and Asia. Before joining XRC, Ashwin was an intern at the White House under the Obama Administration, and interned in China for the State Department.

XRC Labs also provides business development counseling to startup founders. Its program helps startup founders develop products, services and technologies that can help improve consumers’ lives. The incubator provides an environment where entrepreneurs can grow and learn from each other. XRC Labs offers a free, customized, and flexible environment for its clients. These programs are designed to help a startup achieve its growth goals.

The XRC Labs program has helped 370 startups in 27 countries, and eighty percent are still active today. XRC Labs provides startup founders with $20, 000 in exchange for 2% equity. Startups in the Retail Technology and Consumer Goods sectors have benefited from this program, and the New York City accelerator program has helped over 80 companies in New York achieve success.

Waldencast Ventures

Waldencast Ventures is an incubator accelerator for startup founder in New York focused on beauty startups. Schmidt Futures is a non-profit organization that helps early stage beauty companies. And if you’re looking to expand your company internationally, there’s the FoodFutureCo accelerator, where mission-driven food businesses scale up into new products.

Founded by Michel Brousset and Hind Sebti, Waldencast is a New York-based incubator that helps startups grow. Its mission is to build brands with a direct connection to evolving consumer markets. It accepts applications on a rolling basis. To apply, you must have a product that is currently in the market, seed-stage funding, and a focus on media.

It also offers seed capital of $40,000 and follow-on investment in future rounds. The program is aimed at early-stage startups that have a technology component. Startups in New York City are encouraged to use the city’s resources and connections to help grow their businesses.

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Schmidt Futures

The Schmidt Futures SBDC incubator and accelerator for startup founder in New York aims to help emerging companies create the best products and services. Its associates must possess excellent communication skills, global business experience, values-based collaboration, and confidentiality.

Lair East Labs

Lair East Labs is the latest addition to the Sunstone Management network of accelerators and has recently announced a partnership with the Lair East Business Development Center (SBDC). The Lair East Labs startup accelerator is an incubator focused on empowering early-stage startups looking to expand into the global marketplace. The program connects startups with Asian markets to help them grow their businesses.

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AngelPad is a seed-stage accelerator program based in NYC and San Francisco. Since 2010 they have launched more than 150 companies. Every 6 months they select about 15 teams from a huge pool of applicants (usually around 2000) to work with them.

AngelPad, which was founded in 2010,  helps the founders better tailor their products and services to the market. While other accelerators have decided to “scale” and take on more and more companies or launch more and more cities, they have stayed true to their original goal.

They help find awesome companies with founders they like to work with and give you three very intense months with them. They have risen to be the #1 Accelerator in the U.S. (based on a real study from MIT/Brown University) and Strictly VC called them the “Anti-Y Combinator“.

During the program, they work on everything from finding product market fit, defining a target market to getting first validation for the company. They are also instrumental in helping companies prepare for fundraising and of course for investor meetings.

Made in NY Media Center

In collaboration with the Independent Filmmaker Projectthe Mayor’s Office Media and Entertainment, and New York City Economic Development Corporation (NYCEC), the Made in NY Media Center was created to help creatives of all kinds jumpstart their businesses beyond what a college education can.

Businesses can also use the incubator’s screen space, in addition to participating in workshops and taking classes. The center hosts an art gallery every month that includes everything from video art and fine art pie


The Techstars SBDC incubator in New York is a great program for early-stage startup founders looking for a jump-start. This program connects founders with top venture capitalists and angel investors.

The program is run by the Techstars network and houses 19 separate programs in cities around the world. The program has helped over 1,900 startups succeed.

Blueprint Health

Blueprint Health in New York City is a great place to start a healthcare startup. It has a lot of business mentors that will help you get to the next level.

To be accepted into an accelerator, the business must have a strong business model and a coachable team. Sometimes, an accelerator will accept a business run by one person.

The accelerator will offer $20,000 in cash and ample office space for those who are accepted. Blueprint Health will receive 6% of the equity it received from the founders in exchange.

NYU- Tandon Future Labs

The NYU Tandon Future Labs was founded in 2000 by smart, entrepreneurial-minded entrepreneurs and leaders from New York University’s Tandon School of Engineering. It offers students of all backgrounds the opportunity to start their own business using clean, economic technology.

The website states that the labs were the “first public-private partnership between New York City and the labs, tasked to create a sustainable incubation programme.” It was awarded the NBIA Incubator graduate of the year in 2013. According to Worth Magazine, it was once ranked 9th best incubator in the country.

Made in NY Media Center

In collaboration with the Independent Filmmaker Projectthe Mayor’s Office Media and Entertainment, and New York City Economic Development Corporation (NYCEC), the Made in NY Media Center was created to help creatives of all kinds jumpstart their businesses beyond what a college education can.

Businesses can also use the incubator’s screen space, in addition to participating in workshops and taking classes. The center hosts an art gallery every month that includes everything from video art and fine art pie


The Combine accelerator in New York City is a venture platform that supports startups focused on emerging media and technology. The incubator works with 10 startups at a time, providing them with $100,000 in funding and a mentor who is experienced in the healthcare industry. Applications are due June 28th. Leaders from 17 hospitals will select participants. The deadline for application is June 28th 2016.

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The Edtech Accelerator provides access to premium office space in New York City and an equity-free program. In addition to mentoring from industry experts, participants receive $5,000 in investment.

The Edtech Accelerator also offers a traction track and hyper internships for startups working in the edtech field. The Edtech Accelerator is another arm of the Techstars SBDC network.

The 1776 incubator

The 1776 incubator in New York City is another excellent accelerator. This program targets startups in highly regulated fields and works to bring together policymakers, entrepreneurs, and investors. Its selection process is competitive and is based on merit. The program lasts for 12 weeks and includes preparing for fundraising, finding a target market, and attending investor meetings. In return for participating in the program, each startup is awarded $120,000, which represents 7% of the entity.

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