How to Use a LegalZoom Provisional Patent Search

If you have an idea and don’t want to wait for the patent process to proceed, filing for a provisional patent could be your solution. This allows you to market your invention as “patent pending” for up to one year before its official grant.

LegalZoom offers a patent package for $199 plus filing fees, which includes patent searches, technical illustrations and application preparation.

Patent Search

A patent search is a vital step in the patent application process. It helps you determine if there are any existing or pending patents on your idea and any potential obstacles that could prevent patentability. Furthermore, it helps ensure that you don’t invest too much effort and money into something which will likely be rejected due to obviousness or patenting by someone else.

Conduct your own search using online databases such as Google or scholarly search engines. Additionally, you can examine trade journals, conference presentations, catalogs and other publications for useful information.

Once you have a list of potential patents, consult an attorney to help assess its eligibility for patenting. A quality attorney not only determines if your idea is patentable but they’ll also assist with filing the patent application and any other necessary steps necessary to safeguard it.

A competent attorney can explain the entire patenting process to you in detail, review your drawings, create a patent draft, and assist with creating an effective defense against anyone claiming they have infringed upon your patent rights.

LegalZoom provides a two-part provisional patent service, beginning with an initial consultation with a USPTO-registered attorney over the phone. After that, they will prepare up to two drafts of your patent application which will then be submitted electronically directly to the USPTO for processing.

LegalZoom’s service sounds promising; all you have to do is answer a brief online questionnaire, and the company will create your Provisional Application for Patent filing electronically with the U.S. Patent Office for you at an additional fee of $199 plus applicable USPTO filing fees of $329. If desired, attorneys can review and prepare your document at an additional cost of $329 per hour.

Advertisement further states they offer to create a “non-provisional utility patent application” for $3788 and design patent for $899; however, these services lack the same level of professional patent preparation and analysis that a patent attorney provides.

Non-provisional patent filings are worthless, as they grant no priority to an inventor – which is the most important factor when assessing patentability. Just as with provisionals, short questionnaires cannot adequately describe an invention; even simple mechanical devices must be described in sufficient detail for legal protection under the law.

Patent Drawings

A patent is a legal document that grants you the exclusive right to make, use and sell your invention. It grants you an exclusive monopoly and protects it from competitors for 20 years. Filing for a patent can be an intimidating and expensive process; thus it’s wise to seek help from an experienced lawyer with this area of expertise.

Thankfully, LegalZoom provides affordable services to make patenting easier. They have worked with over 65,000 inventors and aim to make your patent application as straightforward as possible.

Before anything else, it’s essential to do your due diligence and research prior art. Doing this will allow you to determine whether or not your idea is unique and non-obvious.

Once you’ve identified some pertinent prior art, it’s time to begin crafting your application. One way of accomplishing this is by finding a similar patent in your field and using that as a model for creating your own application.

Another option is using LegalZoom, who will prepare and file your application on your behalf. Their standard and gold design patent packages are both affordable and user-friendly.

Begin the process by filling out an online questionnaire about your idea, and receive professional patent drawings created by a registered illustrator starting at $399. Alternatively, you can submit sketches or photos of your prototype which the artist will use to create accurate technical drawings.

These drawings will be essential in convincing your lawyer how you created the product and its workings. Furthermore, they help communicate the specifics of your invention to potential partners or investors who might want to assist with commercializing it.

A reliable patent attorney can tell you if your provisional patent application contains all the necessary elements to maximize its chances of approval, or if more detailed work is necessary. Often, they suggest completing the application in stages so that material can be added or corrected later on.

Patent Drafting

LegalZoom’s patent drafting services can be a great way to save both time and money. They provide assistance with all stages of the application process, from non-interim utility models through final patent applications.

First, create a patent application outlining your invention clearly and thoroughly. Include information about how it will function, any features unique to your product, as well as other pertinent details. If ever examined by the USPTO, having this kind of complete description can help expedite processing time for getting a patent quicker than without one.

Second, you must inform the USPTO how you intend to utilize and distribute your invention, otherwise known as fulfilling an “enablement requirement.” Additionally, there will be questions regarding your business operations and sales history required.

Third, you’ll need to create detailed technical drawings of your invention. You can do this yourself or hire a professional for assistance.

Finally, you must pay the USPTO filing fees for your provisional patent application. Currently, they are $199 plus any other applicable charges.

LegalZoom’s basic service includes typographical error review by a non-attorney. While not as detailed or comprehensive as a licensed patent attorney’s service, it remains an affordable and practical choice for most people needing to file a patent application.

Many users of legalzoom laud their customer service reps, who are available seven days a week to answer any queries or worries you may have. They appear knowledgeable and helpful, with a thorough knowledge of the company’s products and services.

Another major advantage of legalzoom is its large support staff and network of specialists and experts to assist with your individual needs. This makes navigating complex problems much simpler, saving you time and frustration in the process.

LegalZoom stands out among its competitors by providing lifetime customer support with all LLC registration packages. You can reach their team via phone, email, or live chat seven days a week – an invaluable benefit for those who are busy or unsure what steps to take next.

Patent Attorney Review

A patent is a legal tool that safeguards your ideas from those wishing to utilize them. Before applying for one, however, you must confirm that your idea qualifies for patent eligibility; you can check this using an online patent search.

Hiring a patent attorney can be invaluable for assisting with the process. These professionals will guide you through every step of the way, from drafting the application to safeguarding your ideas in court against any infringers.

Legal services offer a range of legal solutions. However, some are more efficient than others and you should carefully select the one best suited to your requirements.

LegalZoom offers an intuitive platform that makes obtaining a utility or design patent affordable at just $199 plus fees. This service includes consultations with a USPTO-registered patent attorney, patent search, technical illustration assistance, application preparation and electronic filing.

For just $199, the service offers a provisional patent option to market your idea as patent pending while working on the official application. This is an invaluable service as it gives you time to finalize details of your patent and prevents anyone else from claiming rights to it before you.

Additionally, the service provides free patent search and a selection of templates for Non Disclosure Agreements (NDAs). These documents can be an effective safeguard for your idea, particularly if you have employees or contractors working on it.

LegalZoom guarantees your satisfaction within 60 days, and their customer support agents based in the US are available Monday through Friday from 5 AM to 7 PM and on weekends from 7 AM to 4 PM Pacific Time.

LegalZoom and Rocket Lawyer are popular legal services websites that enable you to create a variety of legal documents, including patents. Their user-friendly interface makes selecting the document you need easy, while saving answers so you can finish filling in the form later.