Free Pro-Bono Patent Help in Louisiana

If you need a patent attorney, but cannot afford a legal fee, you can apply for free patent help in Louisiana with a program called Louisiana Invents. This program matches applicants with licensed patent agents and attorneys who specialize in helping people with inventions and businesses protect their ideas. The program is open to any Louisiana resident who is interested in patenting a new product or idea. You can qualify for these services if you live in Louisiana, meet the income requirements, and have completed the USPTO online tutorial.


If you have a patent or trademark issue and need a patent attorney, you can get free pro-bono patent help from attorneys at Bodman. This program matches low-income entrepreneurs with lawyers who specialize in business issues. All you need to do is apply, meet the income requirements, and be a resident of Louisiana. Applicants must also have attended a patent workshop or a bar-napkin invention workshop in Louisiana and completed an online tutorial from the USPTO.

The free patent registration workshop is a great way to learn more about the legal process. In this workshop, a patent attorney from Intellectual Property Consulting will provide information on when to apply for a patent and how to protect your idea against infringement. Attendees will also learn more about the rights and responsibilities of a patent owner.

To get started, you will need to fill out a form that provides your contact information and some basic information about your invention. Many programs also require that you are registered as a patent practitioner in order to qualify for free services. There are a few prerequisites for these programs, but you can easily get started and begin receiving free patent help today! If you’ve been wondering how to get free patent help in Louisiana, take a look at the patent pro bono program in your area. If you qualify, you’ll receive free services from the legal professionals in your state.

Saint Louis University

The Saint Louis University Free Pro-Bono Program matches patent professionals with under-resourced inventors and small businesses in need of legal assistance. The requirements vary depending on the program, but generally the applicant must have a low-income and an invention. Volunteers must be registered patent practitioners and be willing to donate their time.

The University’s Free Pro-Bono Patent Help in the state of Louisiana provides assistance to small businesses and nonprofit organizations who need help with patent applications. The program matches applicants with patent attorneys and agents who are able to help them file and prosecute their patent applications. The program’s eligibility requirements include residency in Louisiana, meeting certain income requirements, and completing the USPTO online tutorial.

Bodman Legal Services

As part of its pro bono program, Bodman Legal Services in Louisiana matches low-income inventors and small businesses with experienced patent attorneys. In order to qualify, applicants must have a household income that does not exceed three times the federal poverty level. Some regional programs have different requirements.

If you do not qualify for legal aid, you can contact a Louisiana lawyer through the LSBA’s member directory or its modest means directory. Alternatively, you can use the Louisiana Bar Association’s “Find Legal Help” webpage to find legal aid. Additionally, you can check for specific legal assistance programs, such as those for sexual assault and domestic violence victims.

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