Free Pro Bono Patent Help in Illinois

The Chicago-Kent Patent Hub is a nonprofit organization that makes patent counsel available to low-income Illinois inventors. Its mission is to expand access to the U.S. patent system and reduce technical obstacles that limit access. The hub is made up of several member firms, including SpencePC, which provides free patent counsel to low-income inventors.


The USPTO’s Patent Pro Bono Program matches volunteer patent attorneys with inventors and small businesses that are under-resourced and need assistance with a patent application. To be eligible for free patent help, an applicant must have a gross household income of less than three times the federal poverty level. Eligibility requirements may vary by region.

Patent Pro Bono attorneys are available for free in many states. Those in need of legal representation should contact a patent attorney in their state to see if they can qualify. In Illinois, one law firm offers free patent help to low-income entrepreneurs. The firm also hosts office-hour workshops to provide assistance to low-income business owners.

The USPTO is pleased with the growth of the Patent Pro Bono Program throughout the nation. The expansion of the program is critical in ensuring that inventors have access to patent counsel that can help their businesses flourish. While five states currently lack a Patent Pro Bono Program, new partners are developing programs in those states.

In late 2015, the Chicago-Kent Patent Hub opened its doors for applicants. It received over 220 applications and invited 146 individuals for interviews. Of those, 66 applicants were selected and 51 were placed with patent attorneys. The Chicago-Kent Patent Hub currently has students working on fifteen cases with patent attorneys. During that time, 30 provisional patent applications, 15 non-provisional patent applications, and three design applications have been filed for those who qualified. Over thirteen-hundred hours of attorney time have been donated to the program.

Saint Louis University

The Saint Louis University School of Law is joining a growing list of law schools in Missouri and across the country that have signed up for a new pilot program with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office to provide free patent and trademark services. Through the clinic, law students will draft and file applications for clients. The clinic will be open to small businesses, nonprofits, and individuals.

The USPTO recently announced the recipients of the Patent Pro Bono Program for 2020. The initiative matches volunteers with under-resourced inventors to provide free legal assistance. There are several regional programs around the United States, each with its own eligibility requirements. This program is supported by the USPTO through independent, nonprofit organizations and universities.

The Saint Louis University program was founded in 2008 with an agreement with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office to help under-resourced inventors apply for patents. Patent agents and attorneys help the inventors with the patent application process. In addition to free patent services, the program also provides commercialization guidance and entrepreneurial support. It serves nonprofit organizations, small businesses, and solo inventors across Missouri and Kansas. Furthermore, it promotes civil rights and is an advocate for LGBTQ equality under the law.

Saint Louis University Intellectual Property program

Saint Louis University’s Intellectual Property program has a track dedicated to helping the community. This track is comprised of student entrepreneurs who draft and file patent applications, and law students who advise companies. These students have strict qualifications to participate in the clinic, and choose which companies they wish to represent.

The program is a collaboration between TEC and the University of Illinois College of Law. The students prepare patent and trademark applications for participants for free. Under the supervision of Professor Joseph Barich, students prepare the patent and trademark applications. Each patent or trademark application has an estimated value of ten to twelve thousand dollars.

The intellectual property program at Saint Louis University is funded by a partnership with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. It aims to help financially under-resourced inventors obtain patent protection by providing free patent attorney and patent agent time. It also offers commercialization guidance and entrepreneurial support. The program also serves nonprofit organizations, small businesses, and solo inventors.

To apply for a patent pro-bono program in Illinois, you must be registered as a patent practitioner and have a net household income of less than three times the federal poverty guidelines. The eligibility criteria may vary by region, so it is important to review the eligibility requirements to make sure that you qualify.

Saint Louis University PTAB Pro Bono program

If you live in the Illinois area, you can take advantage of the Saint Louis University PTAB Pro Bono Program. The program provides free patent attorney and agent services to financially underserved inventors. It also offers entrepreneurial support and commercialization guidance. The program helps individuals, nonprofit organizations, and small businesses apply for patents.

Saint Louis University Chicago-Kent Intellectual Property program

The Saint Louis University Chicago-Kent Intellectual Property Program has a strong history of helping start-up companies and individuals obtain patent protection in Illinois. The program offers practical experience as well as specialized coursework in the field. In addition to helping start-up companies, Chicago-Kent’s patent hub provides assistance to current small businesses and entrepreneurs. The program provides referrals to other resources and campus facilities for inventors.

Since the Chicago-Kent Intellectual Property program began in 2015, over 300 Illinois residents have benefited from free patent help. The program’s Patent Hub connects inventors with volunteer patent attorneys who help them with their patent applications. IP law students also help out by assisting in the patenting process.

The Saint Louis University Chicago-Kent Intellectual Property Program offers free Pro-Bono patent help to individuals and nonprofit organizations. Students who are interested in applying for a patent can benefit from this service by gaining access to an experienced attorney with a deep understanding of patent law. In addition to providing free patent help, the Saint Louis University Chicago-Kent Intellectual Property program also provides free commercialization advice.

Applicants must meet certain requirements in order to receive free patent help from a patent attorney. The program matches volunteer patent professionals with small businesses and inventors who are struggling financially. To qualify, applicants must have an income of less than three times the federal poverty level. Some regional programs may have different requirements.

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