Free Patent Filing Assistance in North Dakota

In North Dakota, you can get free patent filing assistance if you own a small business. There are many resources available to help you protect your new invention. These resources include the Mitchell Hamline School of Law and the Upper Midwest Inventor Assistance Program. You can also register trade names and obtain provisional patents.

Mitchell Hamline School of Law

North Dakota patent attorneys specialize in representing businesses and individuals in filing for patents in the United States and abroad. Their experience covers nearly every field of technology, from biotechnology to computer software and hardware. They also handle automotive patents, construction technology, consumer electronics, clean technology research, and more.

For more information about WMIAP, visit the college’s Intellectual Property page. Faculty members are available to help those in need of intellectual property advice. The school also offers several clinical opportunities for students to assist local businesses and inventors with their patent and trademark applications. Students also have the opportunity to practice their law skills in various areas of patent and trademark law before the USPTO under the supervision of faculty.

Volunteer attorneys are also available to help low-income inventors with their patent filing. The LegalCORPS Inventor Assistance Program matches low-income inventors with volunteer patent attorneys. This program serves underserved areas of the country, where access to patent attorneys is scarce. As a result, many patent attorneys are happy to help the community.

The United States Patent and Trademark Office is a federal agency that grants patents. By filing for a patent, an inventor gains exclusive property rights to his or her invention for a set period of time. Once granted, a patent prohibits other people from using or making the invention. An inventor must file within one year of making the invention public.

Upper Midwest Inventor Assistance Program

As a volunteer patent attorney, you can help low-income inventors in the Upper Midwest with their patent applications. The program matches volunteers with low-income inventors to provide pro bono legal services. Volunteer attorneys are especially needed in lower-income communities, where it can be difficult to find adequate representation. Fortunately, there are many patent attorneys who are eager to help.

The nonprofit organization ProBoPat runs a nationwide program that matches volunteer patent attorneys with financially under-resourced small businesses. This initiative aims to build strong and vibrant small business communities. It also provides free legal assistance and mentorship for inventors. These programs are designed to help lower-income inventors start and grow their companies.

Free patent filing assistance in North Dakota for upper-Midwest inventors provides legal representation at no cost. As an added benefit, low-income applicants are able to enjoy legal protection against piracy and counterfeiting. Traditionally, patent preparation is a costly process that low-income inventors cannot afford. The US Patent and Trademark Office Pro Se Assistance Program pairs qualified low-income inventors with free patent attorneys. These attorneys submit the applications on the inventors’ behalf and the applications are evaluated by a patent office examination unit that focuses on pro se patent applications.

For many first-time inventors, the patent system can seem daunting. But with pro bono assistance, it can be a good way to kick-start the patent process and learn more about the patent process. With help from pro bono patent attorneys and other experts, inventors of all kinds can secure the exclusive right to sell their products and processes through a patent. Unfortunately, few local inventors make it to the next level of patent protection, and many times, their applications fall victim to procedural errors.

Trade name registration

If you’re registering a trade name, you’ll need to register it with the North Dakota Secretary of State. This will ensure that you’ve got exclusive rights to your name in the state. You can do this online, by mail, or even fax. However, remember that you must pay a small fee to do so.

There are several ways to register a trade name in North Dakota. First, you can use the state’s business records search tool to look up companies that have registered their trade name. You can also find out whether your proposed business name is available or not. You can also check the availability of different variations of your trade name. Once you have located the business name that you’d like to register, you can start the registration process.

Provisional patents

A provisional patent is a legal document that protects your idea while you complete all the necessary nonprovisional patent paperwork. It also grants a “patent pending” notice on all materials relating to the idea or invention. The most important thing to remember when filing a provisional patent is to be as thorough as possible. Make sure to include all your research findings and possible claims.

A provisional patent is valid for a year. This is an ideal choice if your idea will evolve over the year. It is also much cheaper and easier to get than a regular patent. You can also hire a patent attorney to review your provisional patent application.

You can use a patent wizard to draft your application – however, this tool is not designed to replace the advice of a qualified patent attorney. You should only use the patent wizard if you’re just beginning the process of developing an idea. Once you’ve filed your provisional patent application, don’t publish your invention publicly until you’ve had the opportunity to hire a patent attorney.


When establishing your LLC, it is crucial to follow all state and federal regulations. This includes obtaining a health permit, building permit and signage permit. These licenses vary from state to state, as do the fees for them. In addition, some states require registration with local government.

The name of an LLC must be distinctive from any other business entities in the state. A search of the business name database of the North Dakota Secretary of State can help you find a suitable name for your new company. You can file a name reservation application online, by mail, or by fax. A filing fee of $10 is required.

If you want to expand your LLC to North Dakota, you should also consider forming a Foreign LLC. While you don’t have to have an operating agreement for an LLC in North Dakota, it’s strongly recommended. It helps you define who owns what and how the company operates. Additionally, an operating agreement will help you reduce the risk of future conflicts between owners.

If you’re considering forming an LLC in North Dakota, you should be aware that the state requires each LLC to file an annual report with the Secretary of State. The first report is due in November of the year after the LLC’s formation. If it’s not filed, North Dakota will charge a $50 late fee and revoke the company’s registration.

Qualifying for small entity status

The United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has recently instituted fees for qualifying as a small entity. These fees are lower than the fees for larger entities, but some practitioners have resisted taking advantage of them. The fee reductions require confirmation each time a fee is paid. The USPTO also increases its fee schedule annually, so it is essential to make sure your entity qualifies before filing.

The USPTO’s Small Entity Fee Reduction Program offers a variety of advantages for smaller companies. A small entity may be exempt from paying maintenance fees on a patented product. Small entities may also be eligible for fee reductions for certain types of fees. Nonprofit organizations may also qualify for a fee reduction based on their size.

Small businesses in North Dakota may qualify for tax advantages if they are incorporated. Small businesses may be eligible for tax exemptions on profits. Nonprofit organizations, on the other hand, can apply for tax-exempt status from the IRS. Nonprofits can use this tax-exempt status to funnel income to a nonprofit cause. A corporation’s name is crucial, as it may have far-reaching implications for the business. In North Dakota, a corporation must have a unique name.

If you choose to incorporate your LLC in North Dakota, the first step is to register your business. You can do this on the Secretary of State’s website. The Secretary of State will issue a certificate of existence. This certificate will be needed for your business license, EIN, and bank account. In addition, you can obtain an operating agreement to govern the way you conduct business.

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