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Some Inventors and Inventions from Kentucky

There have been a number of iventions to have come from Kentucky. These inventions have been instrumental in value addition to society and have been useful in improving the quality of the human life experience. Some of these inevtion inlcude:

  1. The Western Steamboat, invented and patented by Edward West.
  2.  A gun-lock, invented and patented by Edward West.
  3. A nail cutting machine, invented and patented by Edward West.
  4. A nail cutting  and heading machine, invented and patented by Edward West.
  5. Burrows Mustard recipe invented by  Nathan Burrowes and which won several awards at the 1882 World’s Fair in London, England.
  6. A three position traffic signal light, invented and patented by Garret Morgan.
  7. The ‘Happy Birthday to You’ song composed by two sisters (Mildred J Hill and her younger sister, Patty Smith Hill) who both lived in Kentucky.
  8. The Kentucky Derby, which is America’s oldest and most prestigious horse racing event.
  9. Mother’s Day which is attributed to Mary Towles Sasseen Wilson, who was a school teacher in Henderson, Kentucky and who is recognized as the first person to celebrate Mother’s Day in 1887.

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Saint Louis University

Saint Louis University’s patent office has an agreement with the university to offer free patent filing assistance to under-resourced inventors. The program provides free patent attorney and patent agent time as well as commercialization guidance to eligible applicants. The program serves small businesses, nonprofit organizations, and solo inventors throughout Missouri.

The Patent Pro Bono Program matches qualified patent professionals with under-resourced inventors and small businesses. Qualifying applicants must be residents of one or more states and earn less than three times the federal poverty level. The eligibility requirements vary by region. In most states, the program requires the inventor to meet certain income requirements.

For individuals and small businesses in need of free patent filing assistance, the USPTO offers two free programs. The Patent Pro Bono Program matches inventors with registered patent practitioners who are willing to donate their time to assist them. To qualify, individuals must have an annual gross household income that does not exceed three times the federal poverty guidelines. Some regional programs may have different eligibility requirements.

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