Free Patent Filing Assistance in Fresno

There are many resources available for individuals who need free patent filing assistance in Fresno. These resources include Dr. Angelia Barfield, Ned Doffoney, Ross Brandborg, and Rick Ballard. They offer information, educational materials, and assistance with all aspects of patent filing.

Dr. Angelia Barfield

Angelia Barfield is a wife, mother, mentor, community advocate, and recently completed her doctorate from Clark-Atlanta University in Atlanta, Georgia. She has a passion for helping youth succeed. She currently works for the Fresno County Superintendent of Schools. She also enjoys helping people from diverse backgrounds succeed in life and business.

Ross Brandborg

Ross Brandborg is an attorney at law with 13 years of experience. He is licensed to practice in the states of Minnesota and North Dakota and is a member of the North Dakota Patent Bar. He graduated from the University of North Dakota and specializes in copyright and trademark law. He established his own law firm in 2017.

Rick Ballard

Patent Pro Bono is a nationwide program aimed at providing free legal assistance to those who need it. It’s part of the USPTO’s initiative to help Americans who have an idea but lack the funds to hire a patent attorney. Under the program, patent attorneys from the USPTO and other legal service providers volunteer their time to represent inventors in the application process.

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