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If you have an invention idea, and you’d like to protect it, then you should consider getting a patent. You don’t have to actually build your invention to obtain a patent, but it will give you the right to own and license it. But the patent process can be complicated and it’s a good idea to work with a patent attorney.

Design Patent No. D482,447

If you have an idea for a product or service and want to protect it through patent protection, you may want to get a patent. This will give you the right to own the product or service and to license it to others. However, patent law is complex and you may want to seek the help of a patent attorney if you need assistance.

Infusion set (23G x 3/4 in. butterfly needle)

This is a small vein infusion set, which is ideal for use with small veins. It includes a textured surface and flexible wings. It also has kink-resistant tubing and a female Luer lock connector.

Infusion set (23G x 7/8 in. butterfly needle)

Infusion sets are used to deliver fluids or medications into blood vessels through the skin. They are usually referred to as winged needles and provide a precise and effective peripheral blood vessel access. They can also be used in large animals to perform blood sampling and infusions. If you are planning to order an infusion set for your research, you must be prepared to provide documentation proving your business. Furthermore, if you are located in California, additional documentation may be required. This is because of the California Health and Safety Code, which imposes a 21-day hold on products. This restriction is not lifted for residential shipping addresses.

Among the most common tools used by a laboratory is an Infusion set (23G x 7-inch butterfly needle), which is used for infusion of liquid into the body. The needle is a key part of the infusion process and requires careful attention to avoid over-infusing the bloodstream. Infusion sets are an excellent tool for drug development. Many of them contain multiple needles, which makes them perfect for blending and dissolving medications. A well-made set will save you time and money.

Free patent filing assistance in Franklin Lakes NJ can help you obtain your invention. There are attorneys who will help you in any aspect of the process. Their fee is dependent on the complexity of the project. The costs associated with the patent filing process can be high, but the benefits far outweigh the costs.

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