Free Patent Filing Assistance in Enterprise

There are many resources available to entrepreneurs in the US to obtain free patent filing assistance. Some of these resources include LegalCORPS, Carson Patents, and Saint Louis University’s Inventor Assistance Program. These resources are designed to help those with an idea get a patent for their invention.


If you are interested in helping an inventor with his or her patent application, you may qualify for free assistance through LegalCORPS. In order to get help, you must first register with LegalCORPS, provide some identifying information, and acknowledge the limitations of an attorney-client relationship. Additionally, you must acknowledge that LegalCORPS will collect some demographic data for its reports to potential funders.

LegalCORPS is a nonprofit organization that offers free legal assistance to low-income entrepreneurs, focusing on business law and intellectual property. It also provides advice on general business matters, such as tax-exempt status and fiscal sponsorship. LegalCORPS does not provide legal aid for litigation, but it can arrange for advice that may help prevent a lawsuit from arising.

In the past, the only way to qualify for LegalCORPS’ Inventor Assistance Program was to file a provisional patent application. In the latest program, however, they have expanded their eligibility criteria to allow inventors to file a Record of Invention and record any necessary prior art research. Once approved, a volunteer patent attorney will file a provisional patent application on behalf of the inventor.

The LegalCORPS Free Patent Filing Assistance program is designed to help low-income inventors get the legal help they need to protect their inventions. If you or someone you know is interested in helping an inventor, you can visit the website for more information. And if you are an attorney interested in volunteering to help inventors with their patent applications, you can apply here.

Saint Louis University

Saint Louis University School of Law is offering free patent filing assistance to those who are launching a new enterprise or have an existing business that is interested in developing a patent. The clinic will work with individuals, nonprofit organizations and small businesses. The clinic is also accepting referrals and walk-ins.

The program works with the United States Patent and Trademark Office to provide free patent assistance for entrepreneurs with limited resources. The services are provided by SLU patent agents and attorneys who will be willing to volunteer their time and expertise to the entrepreneurs in need. Additionally, the program will provide entrepreneurs with commercialization guidance and entrepreneurial support.

Saint Louis University’s School of Law has become certified by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office to assist businesses with their patent and trademark applications. The clinic helps small businesses and entrepreneurs avoid the high cost of hiring an attorney. The clinic has also provided assistance with general small business matters and helped a local college participate in the Bayou Classic BizTech Challenge. During the contest, students must create innovative products or solutions to a practical challenge. LSU’s students analyzed the rules of the competition and provided legal assistance to help the entrepreneurs.

The University’s Office of Technology Management (OTM) is responsible for developing and promoting university technology transfer, and generating income for research. OTM also manages the university’s wide variety of intellectual property, including unrestricted funds. The office assesses university intellectual property and seeks patent protection for it, as well as collaborates with the creators to develop the technology commercially.

In exchange for this free patent filing assistance, the university may retain rights to the intellectual property of the creator or inventor. It may also share royalties and other income earned through licensing or transfer of technology. Its provost decides the income sharing formula. It consults the faculty committee on technology transfer and the university’s administration regarding disputes involving intellectual property.

Saint Louis University’s Inventor Assistance Program

If you have an idea for a new product or a service, you may want to consider applying for a patent. There are several free services available, including patent attorneys. Saint Louis University’s Inventor Assistance Program can help you get the right paperwork to protect your invention. It also provides entrepreneurship support and commercialization guidance to help you make the most of your new business.

AWARE is aimed at undergraduate and graduate students who have innovative ideas. This program has spent a great deal of time developing targeted outreach. Most participants are undergraduate students or faculty who are interested in patenting. The program also recruits members from the entrepreneurial community to mentor and assist participants through the patenting and commercialization process.

Besides providing free patent filing assistance to individuals in need, the program also hosts events and trainings. In addition, it helps entrepreneurs connect with the right partners and resources for their business. To apply for a patent, you must submit an application and provide the necessary documents.

If you are an employee of a university, you may not be able to protect university-owned intellectual property. However, the program can help you protect your ideas by assigning them to the university, which will manage them through its Office of Technology Management. You may also choose to dedicate your invention to the public domain, in which case it will be available for use without patenting or licensing.

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