Free Patent Filing Assistance in Durham, NC

If you need help with patent filing, Durham has free patent attorney services available for you to use. This service is provided by local patent attorneys, who volunteer their time to help people like you. Whether you’re in Durham or elsewhere in North Carolina, this service can help you get the process started.

How to apply

If you’re looking for free patent assistance, the USPTO website is a great place to start. The website is updated regularly and contains information about the various Pro Bono programs throughout the United States. It also has a help desk that you can call if you have questions about the patent application process. The USPTO also offers online training and resources.

If you’re in need of a patent attorney in Durham, NC, check out the directory of patent attorneys on the site. Each lawyer’s profile contains their contact information, education background, and biographical information. They also include links to their firm and personal biography websites. This directory makes it easy to find a patent attorney who can help you. If you’re looking for a Durham patent attorney, the website has a form for you to fill out.

Free patent assistance is provided by licensed patent practitioners through the USPTO’s Patent Pro Bono Program. In this program, patent practitioners provide free services to low-income clients. The program’s goal is to increase the quality of pro se applications by providing information and assistance. The goal is to help applicants make the best decisions possible.


If you are looking for free patent filing assistance in Durham, NC, you may have a few requirements. Luckily, the Internet provides a wealth of resources. One of these resources is the Patent Pro Bono Program, which pairs up volunteer patent attorneys with under-resourced small businesses and inventors. In order to qualify, your household income must be below three times the federal poverty guidelines. Alternatively, you can contact a local patent law firm to get more information.

Programs available in all 50 states

If you’re wondering how to get free patent assistance, the good news is that there are many programs available. The USPTO, for example, offers patent pro bono programs. These programs are led by licensed patent practitioners who give their time and expertise without charge. Applicants must meet specific eligibility requirements, including being self-represented.

In order to participate in the program, inventors must have an original, patented idea. They must also be under a certain income level to qualify. For example, the Chicago-Kent College of Law says that companies with up to $150,000 gross income can qualify. This threshold income level is set differently by each Administrator.

The USPTO website is a good place to find free patent assistance programs. You can browse through the list of available programs on the website and get in touch with one of its patent practitioners. The USPTO also offers online resources and training for pro-se inventors.

Another way to get free patent filing assistance is to search for nonprofit patent pro bono programs. These programs help lower-income inventors and small businesses who are unable to afford patent attorneys. These programs are administered by nonprofit organizations across the country. For example, the Arizona Public Patent Program is one such program. It works with the United States Patent and Trademark Office to match people with volunteer patent attorneys.

Applicants must be residents of the state where they want to file their patent. The program does not have a set limit on the number of applications. To qualify, applicants must qualify, have a working idea and an ability to pay $50 to $150 for the patent application process. Furthermore, they must demonstrate that their invention is an actual invention.


Inventors can receive free legal assistance in filing their patent application through the Patent Pro Bono Program. This nationwide program connects volunteer patent attorneys with small businesses and inventors who are financially under-resourced. Its goal is to develop a thriving small business community. SCORE, an organization of volunteer business mentors, can match you with a patent mentor.

Volunteer attorneys can help with the entire patent application process, or they can represent just part of the process. The length and scope of the representation is up to the volunteer, and the volunteer will sign a form stating that they are providing the assistance. After the case is complete, the volunteer can continue to help the client, if needed.

Interested volunteers can apply for this program by completing an application. The application process is simple, and most programs provide training to their volunteer attorneys. To apply, visit the National Clearinghouse Portal to find a program in your area. Once there, complete the Regional Volunteer Attorney Submission Form.

To become a volunteer, you must have a deep knowledge of the patent system and be interested in helping others. A passion for Durham and a knowledge of the area’s laws and regulations are essential. If you are interested in becoming a patent attorney, consider taking a free 39-minute training course. This will help you learn more about the patent system and help patent applicants get their invention filed more efficiently.

Attorneys participating

If you are looking for a way to volunteer your time and help others, you can participate in the Patent Pro Bono Program. This program pairs patent professionals with under-resourced inventors and small businesses. Participating in a Patent Pro Bono program is simple, and many programs offer training and resources to help lawyers who wish to serve as volunteers.

The program is sponsored by the North Carolina Bar Foundation, and involves volunteer patent attorneys providing free legal services to innovators in need. To participate, an inventor must apply to one of the participating regional programs. A list of participating programs can be found on the USPTO’s website. Additionally, an inventor can request assistance through the Federal Circuit’s National Clearinghouse Portal, which forwards the request to an appropriate regional program.

The USPTO supports two programs that pair qualified inventors with patent attorneys and agents. These volunteer practitioners provide services without charging their clients, but the inventors must pay their USPTO fees. A law school clinic certified by the USPTO can match qualified inventors with a registered patent practitioner or an attorney with experience practicing before the office. In addition to helping qualified inventors, the clinics allow students to practice before the USPTO and gain practical experience while serving others.

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