Free Patent Filing Assistance in Dallas

If you are looking for free patent filing help in Dallas, there are several resources available. First, there is TALA, Texas Association of Lawyers for the Arts, which runs a patent pro bono clinic. TALA is a nonprofit organization that helps Texas startups get their ideas protected. TALA also runs a law school clinic certification program.

Leavitt Eldredge

When it comes to securing intellectual property rights, it is important to hire a competent attorney. A good attorney will be able to protect your ideas and prevent others from stealing them. Leavitt Eldredge has offices throughout Texas and Colorado. Their services are offered to clients at no cost, and you can meet with them to discuss your case in detail.

The Leavitt Eldredge Law Firm has a reputation for providing the best representation possible in intellectual property matters. The firm has registered over 1,000 patents and trademarks and represents companies across a broad spectrum of industries. This means they are uniquely qualified to help their clients develop an effective patent portfolio. Many of the firm’s attorneys are also engineers and are able to answer questions about the technical aspects of patent law. You can schedule a free 30-minute consultation with an attorney to learn more about your legal options.


TALA offers free patent filing assistance to under-resourced Texas inventors. The program is partnered with the US Patent and Trademark Office to provide free legal services to individual inventors who meet certain financial requirements. In addition to free legal services, the program also provides a training package developed by the USPTO. This assistance is available to individuals with innovative ideas, who otherwise would not be able to afford patent attorney fees.

Inventors interested in patents can begin the process by looking through existing patents. They can do this through the USPTO website, the European Patent Office website, paid subscription services, and Google Patents. This search can help them find a patent that is similar to their own invention or is based on an existing invention. This process is important because it can help educate them on the legal process.

TALA’s Patent Pro Bono clinic

In the year 1979, the nonprofit Texas Accountants and Lawyers for the Arts (TALA) started serving artists and art nonprofit organizations in Texas. Today, the organization works to help them succeed with pro bono legal services, accounting, and dispute resolution services. The programs also aim to help them apply sound business practices. TALA is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit.

For those who are interested in receiving free patent services, TALA’s Patent Pro Bono clinic is an excellent option. The clinic accepts provisional applications and works with inventors to file patent applications. Clinic dates are scheduled based on interest. The TALA Patent Pro Bono clinic is supported in part by the United States Patent and Trademark Office and generous sponsors.

TALA’s Patent Pro Bono clinic helps independent inventors who are financially under-resourced. It matches volunteer patent attorneys with low-income inventors and small businesses. Participants must be residents of Texas, and have a gross household income that is at or below three times the federal poverty level. Some regional programs may have additional eligibility requirements.

Several organizations and firms offer patent pro bono services for free. TALA’s Patent Pro Bono clinic in Dallas is one such program. The organization has become a national clearinghouse and matches volunteer patent attorneys with low-income inventors in need. This unique program aims to fill a significant gap in the patent practice landscape.


UpCounsel, an on-demand legal marketplace that matches clients with attorneys for their legal needs, is expanding to Dallas. The company already works with thousands of businesses in California and New York. This expansion allows it to better meet the needs of small businesses in Texas. The service aims to provide quality legal help at a much lower cost than traditional law firms. This is accomplished by using a virtual community of specialized attorneys. Clients can select a lawyer they trust, and UpCounsel will manage all the paperwork and communications.

The UpCounsel service can help you find a top-rated patent attorney in Dallas. Texas has the third-highest concentration of patent attorneys in the country. When searching for a patent attorney, it is important to research their credentials and areas of specialization before choosing one.

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