Free Patent Filing Assistance in Corona

Free patent filing assistance is available in Corona and is a great way to get a patent. The process is simple and fast. The KIPO encourages customers to use online services or phone interviews, rather than physical visits to the judges. These services are ideal for individuals who are not very comfortable visiting judges face-to-face.

Covid-19 extension of time to file

An extension of time to file is available for those who have been delayed by COVID-19. If you’ve waited longer than usual to file your taxes, the new COvid-19 relief bill has your back. It will allow you to file your taxes up to six months before the original due date. The deadline to file is April 15 of the calendar year.

The COVID-19 extension is not applicable to all taxpayers, however. Individuals, estates, most trusts, corporations, and certain non-corporate tax filers may qualify for an extension. This allows them a two-month extension of time to file their federal income tax returns and pay any applicable taxes.

Cost of filing

The United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) is providing fee waivers to certain applicants, citing the global coronavirus pandemic and the disruption it has caused. This pandemic is a huge health concern, and it has had a negative impact on virtually every aspect of human life.

Filing a provisional application for a patent can cost between seven and eight hundred dollars. This fee is normally due at the time of filing. However, you can defer this fee if you pursue a nonprovisional patent application. Provisional application fees are currently $280 for large entities and $140 for small and micro entities.

The USPTO fee increases significantly in October 2020. This raise is due in large part to an increase in the number of abandoned patent applications. While this increase may seem like a huge cost increase, there is a possible solution: filing fewer patent applications. While this may not be an immediate solution, it can help you save money in the long run.

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