Free Patent Filing Assistance in Arlington, Texas

When you are looking for Free Patent Filing Assistance in Arlington, Texas, there are a few places you can go to find some help. One great place is the Arlington Economic Development BizLaunch team, which has the experience and resources to get your business off the ground. They can help you with everything from getting your business license to getting your business launched.

Leavitt Eldredge

Intellectual property law firm Leavitt Eldredge offers patent filing assistance free of charge. With over 1000 registered patents and trademarks, they specialize in helping clients develop a patent portfolio that is appropriate for their specific industry. Their patent attorneys are professional engineers and are well equipped to answer any patent law questions you might have. They also offer a free 30-minute consultation.

The firm’s office provides a range of legal services for clients throughout the North Texas region. They assist clients with business, litigation, intellectual property, and bankruptcy. In addition to filing patents, they also provide business and patent support. For further information, please visit their website.

PTRC academic libraries

Two PTRC academic libraries in Arlington are engaging their faculty and students in patent instruction. For example, the librarian teaching a course in Chemical Information Research, a subject involving chemical processes, is interested in teaching students about patents. She teaches them how to search for patents and learn about copyright.

After the PTRC librarian introduced this free service to the partner library, librarian #2 began a relationship with the STEM Liaison Librarian at her partner library and provided suggestions for her LibGuide on patents. Since that initial presentation, librarian #2 has had one follow-up reference question.

As a result, the PTRC library team continued to make intentional outreach to partner libraries. The initial contact revealed that not all partner libraries were interested in establishing a partnership. Others simply wanted IP information. The authors also made several unsuccessful attempts to establish a partnership.

Another example of a PTRC academic library’s patent assistance services are their intellectual property resources. These collections contain a substantial collection of IP resources, as well as sources that offer practical guidance to inventors. In addition, they are located in the government information center of Central Library.

In addition to books on intellectual property law, the PTRC academic libraries offer free patent filing help in Arlington. These libraries provide step-by-step guides, as well as patentability searches and free USPTO guides. The information desk also offers general patent information. The PTRC is part of a nationwide patent library network.


If you’re looking for patent filing assistance in Arlington, Texas, you’ve come to the right place. With UpCounsel, you can expect a high-quality attorney to help you navigate the complex patent process. Whether you’re in the beginning stages of a startup or have years of experience in intellectual property, they will have the expertise you need to succeed. This includes a broad range of services and expert knowledge of the legal landscape.

United States Patent and Trademark Office

If you need assistance filing your patent application, you can use the USPTO website to get all the help you need. The website offers many useful tools for submitting a patent application, including downloading USPTO forms and ordering a trademark. It also provides information about current fees and how to replenish your deposit account. You can also find various legal materials and links to relevant websites.

The USPTO examines each patent application. During the initial examination, a Patent Examiner reviews the application and writes an Office Action. The first Office Action is often a rejection of the patent application. Nonetheless, the applicant has an opportunity to amend his application. The patent attorney then replies to the Office Action and makes any necessary changes to the application.

If you are in need of patent assistance, the USPTO has automated message systems available seven days a week. These automated systems provide frequently asked questions and the option to order certain documents. You can also contact customer service representatives, who are available from 8:30 a.m. ET Monday-Friday. These representatives can help you connect with other USPTO offices and other services. If you need help filing your patent application, you can also contact the Inventors Assistance Center, which offers free patent filing assistance to individuals and small businesses. You can also visit one of the Public Search Facilities, where you can get general information about patents.

In addition to granting free patent assistance to the poor, the USPTO also offers a Patent Pro Bono Program. This program pairs qualified patent professionals with under-resourced inventors or small businesses. It also allows law students to gain real-world experience working with a client.

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