In 1 aspect, an upper for the article of footwear might include a knit element, a collar area configured to form an ankle opening, and a cuff in the collar area. The cuff may be at least partially shaped by the knit element and might include a ribbed knit structure of the knit element. In another aspect, an upper for the article of footwear might include a knit element with a primary area, the very first area including a first side and a second side opposite the primary side. The very first side might be formed of at least 30% more material than the second side that the very first area is configured to curve convexly from the first side.


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A traditional article of footwear generally contains two principal elements: an upper and a sole construction. The upper is secured to the sole structure and creates a void within the content of footwear for comfortably and securely getting a foot. The sole construction is secured to a lower surface of the upper in order to be positioned between the upper and the ground. In certain articles of athletic footwear, for example, the sole structure may incorporate a midsole and an outsole. The midsole may beformed out of a polymer foam material that attenuates ground reaction forces to reduce pressures upon the leg and foot during walking, running, and other ambulatory actions. The outsole is secured to a lower surface of the midsole and creates aground-engaging portion of the sole structure that’s shaped from a wear-resistant material.

The top of the article of footwear typically extends across the instep and toe areas of the foot, across the lateral and medial surfaces of the foot, and round the heel area of the foot. Access to the void on the inside of the top isgenerally supplied by an ankle opening at a heel area of the article of footwear. A lacing process is often incorporated into the top to adjust the fit of the top, thereby facilitating entry and elimination of the foot from the void inside the upper.In addition, the top may include a tongue that extends beneath the lacing system to boost adjustability of the content of footwear, and the top may incorporate a heel counter to limit motion of the heel.

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