The current document describes a method and a procedure for the extraction of several products from apple peel. There are lots of unit operations involved involving an ultrafiltration unit, concentration unit, and a 3 stage counter current separator centrifuge wherein water is employed as the solvent. The final products that are extracted from apple peel include pectin, syrup, fibers, in addition to soluble and dried retenate fractions.


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The subject matter disclosed generally relates to a method and processes for extraction of a minumum of one product from a supply of vegetable or fruit matter. More specifically, the subject matter disclosed generally relates to a system andprocesses using a counter-current wash procedure, whereas the liquid infusion containing the at least one item is further filtered and concentrated.


(b) Related Prior Art


Fruit or vegetable matter could be extracted by various procedures so as to acquire a multitude of helpful products, like fibers, sugars, and phytochemical compounds. Among these phytochemicals compounds, polyphenols are recognized for theirnumerous biological properties, such as antibacterial/antiviral properties, vasodilatation properties, anticarcinogenic properties, anti-inflammatory properties, antioxidant properties, etc.. Thus, their extraction from fruits or vegetables forobtaining concentrated extracts which may be included to other products is highly desired.

Using enzymes and solvents like ethanol or methanol can enhance polyphenol recovery during extraction in fruit or vegetable thing. This is based on the simple fact that using ethanol or methanol as a solvent may lead to considerably moreextraction yield than utilizing water since the solubility of certain goods, like polyphenols is higher in ethanol and methanol (Sluis, et al. 2001, Virot, et al. 2010). Even though the solubility in water is significantly less, it’s likely to reach the sameoverall level of extraction with water by employing several successive wash measures on the brand new biomass. Moreover, ethanol and methanol solvents are costly and require extra actions to eliminate them in the final products, which increase the totalcost of working with a procedure which uses them. Additionally, hormone therapy might cause irreversible damages to a number of the goods which may be extracted from such vegetable or vegetable thing. By way of instance, enzymatic treatment using pectinase can damage pectin fromfruits and veggies during the extraction procedure. Therefore, no enzymatic therapy is desired in order to maintain the pectin intact via a system and procedure for extraction of products from fruits and vegetables.

Thus, there is a demand for a method and a process that doesn’t use enzymatic pre-treatment.

Additionally, therefore, there is a demand for a system and a procedure that use water as a solvent.

The process of the present invention is based on successive washes using water as a solvent. For that matter, a multiple steps counter-current wash process was invented.

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