A seamless knit enclosure to get a headphone unit is provided. The easy knit enclosure could incorporate a pair of earpieces and a headband crossing therebetween. The easy knit enclosure may include a first region and another area. The first region may have a stitch construction which has a first elasticity. The second area may have another stitch construction which has a second elasticity that is different than the first.


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Headphones are designed to allow one user to listen to an audio source privately, compared to a loudspeaker, which emits sound into the surrounding atmosphere for anybody to listen to. Headphones frequently include electroacoustic transducerswhich convert electrical signal to a corresponding sound in the user’s ear. Headphones might include round or ellipsoid ear pads which encompass or break against the ears. The ear pads are typically linked to one another by a semi-rigid flexiblespring-steel ring e.g., headband, adapted to be placed on an individual’s head and a wire that connects two or more speakers enclosed by the ear pads. The headband is usually curved and supplies sufficient force to the ear pads to maintain theheadphones in place. The cans might be adjustable so a user may change the position of the ear pads for comfort. The speakers, spring-steel ring, wire, and other internal elements are usually enclosed plastic cover pieces which are secured togetherby screws, glue, or a snap-fitting arrangement. The cover may include aesthetically pleasing ornamental designs.

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