Incubator For Startup Founder in Rhode Island

Aside from partnering with an incubator, an SBDC can also refer you to other programs that help startups start up in the state. The RIHUB, for example, is a state-wide event that focuses on entrepreneurship. In fact, RIHUB is the largest event in the history of the state. If you want to learn more about the SBDC, read on. Incubators in Rhode Island include RIHub, IBM Alpha Zone Accelerator, MassChallenge Boston, Social Enterprise Greenhouse, and RIHub.


The RIHub is a not-for-profit organization that assists entrepreneurs with networking, guidance, and funding. Founded in 2009, the organization has helped many companies succeed, including startups, small businesses, and entrepreneurs. The organization’s mission is to accelerate economic transformation in the state through the entrepreneurial spirit, and to facilitate the success of startups and existing businesses. To that end, it works with public and private partners to reduce red tape for businesses of all sizes.

RIHub is also home to a growing network of industry leaders. The SBDC will be the general contractor for programming, events, and workshops. Undergraduate startup companies will be given priority, and URI and Brown will be given preference for working space. It is important to note that RIHub’s incubator is free of charge for startups, but does require a small investment in exchange for space.

The RIHub will provide value to startups by connecting them with corporates, experts, and investors. By providing temporary workspace for 6 months, the incubator will engage with and support startups with the goal of facilitating growth. RIHub will also provide an appealing platform for collaboration with corporates and foreign start-ups. And with its many benefits, it’s easy to see why this accelerator is a great choice for startups in Rhode Island.

IBM Alpha Zone Accelerator

The IBM Alpha Zone Accelerator is a 6-month professional immersion program focused on post-seed and early-stage companies with innovative products and services. This accelerator aims to develop long-term technology and business partnerships with IBM. Startups accepted into this program will receive support from IBM executives, mentors, and business development professionals. Startups accepted into the program will focus on developing enterprise software and technologies and solving problems in areas such as energy, travel, telecommunications, and health.

The IBM Alpha Zone Accelerator at SBDC in Rhode Island supports startups with national defense and public safety applications. This track provides a proven platform for leveraging next-generation technologies and strengthens the defense innovation ecosystem. The program also helps startups in other sectors, including the health and wellness industries. Founders and entrepreneurs in the incubator can receive specialized training in areas such as cyber security, data science, and healthcare.

MassChallenge Boston

If you’re considering launching your startup in Rhode Island, you may want to check out MassChallenge’s incubator program. This program offers a variety of resources for emerging startups, including a free accelerator and corporate partners. Additionally, the program offers an R&D lab that allows founders to build tangible products. Entrepreneurs can also tap into the expertise of visionaries from the state’s business and economic development organizations.

The Center for Women and Enterprise, a national nonprofit organization, is based in Providence, Rhode Island and has worked with over 30000 women in business and entrepreneurship since 1995. Through its incubator, entrepreneurs can learn about business and life, build a network, and access to free resources. Startups can apply to one or both programs, depending on their needs. Some programs are open to anyone, while others are by invitation only.

Social Enterprise Greenhouse

The social enterprise greenhouse at SBDC incubator in Providence aims to support and nurture the local startup community with its innovative programs and services. The incubator supports and promotes social enterprises, which are companies that use business as a tool to make a positive impact in the community. The program has already supported 160 companies and has helped neighboring states as well as local universities. In the coming years, the program will launch an accelerator for food businesses. It also serves as a conduit for organizations that want to support the local social enterprise scene.

The program is free to attend and offers a wide range of support for entrepreneurs. The Social Enterprise Greenhouse at SBDC incubator accelerator for startup founder in Rhode Island is home to over 20 minority-run startups, which have paved the way for the development of technology and business leadership in the community. Although the program is not open to everyone, it is an excellent opportunity for startup founders to gain valuable business experience from mentors and peers.

Providence is home to the RI Food Policy Council and other organizations, which have been instrumental in fostering local food and agriculture businesses. The incubator has already established relationships with the RI Food Policy Council, which represents local producers and university partners. Another organization, Farm Fresh RI, operates public markets, distributes products, and provides culinary programs. This is a perfect fit for entrepreneurs who want to build a social enterprise in Rhode Island.

Providence is an economically healthy city. The state capital and third largest city in New England, Providence is a vibrant place to start a business. Many people in Providence are immigrants from Latin America. The city has an increasing Hispanic population. This is a good thing for businesses and the community. In addition to being a vibrant and diverse community, Providence also has a strong entrepreneurial ecosystem.


The SCORE SBDC incubator accelerator in Providence is a great place to start your startup. The state has a vibrant social enterprise community, so there’s a market for your product. And it’s free! The program is run by the nonprofit SCORE. Startup founders have access to free legal and business advice, as well as a supportive environment. Founded by an entrepreneur, SCORE has helped many startups become profitable.

The SBDC provides business plan development, marketing, networking, and loans for small businesses. They also offer mentoring and education programs to help entrepreneurs become market-ready. The SCORE SBDC incubator accelerator for startup founder in Rhode Island is the state’s largest entrepreneurship event. More than 400 startups apply each year, and the program focuses on helping the most promising companies grow. RIHUB is a hub for innovators.

The Innovation Voucher Program connects small businesses to higher education institutions and providers in the state. The program is a great opportunity to build awareness and market your product and Providence. Ultimately, the goal is to develop a local economy. With the right resources, Providence can be a great place to launch a new business. But you need to be prepared to put some upfront work. For example, you’ll need to engage with Commerce RI to identify potential manufacturers and other stakeholders. It’s also a good idea to partner with ProvPort on refrigeration capabilities. And, once you’ve landed a deal, you can also partner with Providence on marketing efforts.

Lastly, you should try to promote Providence as a design cluster. Providence has the third-largest concentration of industrial designers per capita. Design and innovation would be a valuable addition to the city’s entrepreneurial ecosystem. With the help of this program, you can focus on a local talent pool and incubate innovative startups in your area. With such resources, you can also grow your business.

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