Incubator Accelerator For Startup Founder in Oregon

If you are looking for an incubator or accelerator for your startup business in Oregon, there are many options to consider. There are programs that specialize in certain areas of the business, such as Starve Ups and Impact Entrepreneurs. These programs provide free services, as well as mentorship and education to startups. There are also a variety of resources available, including biotech research labs and prototyping shop space. Some of these programs even provide seed funding, so you can try out an idea for free before investing in the actual business.

PIE Consumer

The Portland Innovation Exchange is one of the top startup accelerators in Oregon. This program specializes in pre-funding and growth stage consumer product companies. The program includes mentoring, networking, and cooperative marketing for startups. The program is designed with a diverse group of startup founders in mind. It also includes a curated co-working space and community events. Entrepreneurs can expect to learn how to weave the feminine into their business.

The SBDC incubator program in Portland offers free workspace, mentorship, and connections to startups. The organization also hosts a 54-hour startup weekend, which provides entrepreneurs with the chance to develop business plans, product prototypes, and market them. Startups can also attend monthly CEO meetings and topic-related brown bags, and get free business advice and training. A startup can grow to be larger with the support of a mentor.

LACI’s Founders Business Accelerator

The Los Angeles Cleantech Initiative (LACI) is a nonprofit, multidisciplinary commercialization center for clean technologies that help promising companies bring new products to market. The organization seeks to create a more inclusive green economy by integrating workforce training and development. The cleantech ecosystem relies on well-trained technicians, and it’s important to develop that talent through on-the-job training and education. LACI’s programs include Founders Business Accelerator, Core Incubator, and Market Access.

The Founders Business Accelerator is free, six-month virtual program that helps founders of startups improve their business plan, strengthen their executive team, and accelerate their growth. Founders Business Accelerator participants receive individual mentoring and training from LACI’s Executives-in-Residence. The program is open to all aspiring startup founders, so there is no cost to participate.

The program provides seed funding for startups in the food and agriculture, mobility, and energy sectors. Founders participants receive training to minimize risks and scale their business. The accelerator also provides access to a network of influential mentors to help them navigate the challenging entrepreneurial landscape. The program also offers access to technical resources and funding opportunities for startups. It is a highly competitive option for startup founders in Oregon.

Impact Entrepreneurs

If you want to start a business, you should consider attending an incubator accelerator program. You will get hands-on training, support, and networking opportunities that will help you get your company off the ground. Oregon is home to several incubators and accelerators. The Small Business Development Center (SBDC) has helped several of them launch and grow. Some examples of Oregon incubators are the OTRADI Bioscience Incubator, which focuses on bioscience startups, and PIE PDX, which serves as a startup resource provider and mentor for entrepreneurs. The Riverfront Research Park in Portland, Oregon, is another incubator for emerging technology-based companies.

Another Oregon incubator and accelerator is the Portland Seed Fund, a nonprofit organization that provides capital to emerging technology companies and mentoring and connections to help them scale. The Oregon Bioscience Association provides collaborative resources for the Oregon bioscience industry. The Oregon Bioscience Incubator provides follow-on funding and facilities for startups. The Oregon Technology Business Center supports high-tech and bioscience companies through its incubator. It also offers training sessions and mentorship for startup founders. Additionally, the Portland State Social Innovation Incubator helps entrepreneurs by connecting them with customers, advisors, and networks.

Starve Ups

Founders who join the Starve Ups program become active investors, mentors and acquisition candidates. With the support of hundreds of peer co-founders and highly established networks, they develop overall exit strategy options, identify buyer and acquirer relationships and complete transactions. As a result, they are positioned to receive the highest returns possible. This is not the typical startup accelerator experience. Rather, it is more like a full-service, integrated venture capital and incubator.

The Starve Ups program is a virtual incubator and accelerator that provides peer mentoring. It is a great place to get a head start on your business. Founders can receive support through monthly meetings and workshops. They can also receive mentorship and access to a co-working space. In addition, the Oregon Small Business Development Center (SBDC) provides free services to small businesses and startup founders.

In addition to these services, there are several other resources available for entrepreneurs. The Starve Ups SBDC incubator accelerator for startup founder in Oregon is a great place to get involved. They also offer a three-minute pitch practice, which is essential if you plan to make a good impression on investors. In addition, the Portland Business Administration Capstone program looks for entrepreneurial help. The program is starting in the fall of 2012, so if you’re interested in joining, you shouldn’t miss out.

Cascade Angels

The Cascade Angels fund is based in Bend, Oregon, and is dedicated to the entrepreneurial ecosystem of the state. It invests in companies at the start-up stage addressing any industry or market. The fund is led by accredited investors and is comprised of companies in Oregon and Washington. The fund invests in Oregon and Washington companies but has a natural bias toward Central Oregon.

The OSU-Cascades Co-Lab is a hub for business startup incubation. The incubator offers a range of business resources, including mentorship, educational classes, machine shops, and biotech research labs. The program also offers free services to help startups grow. It also hosts a series of webinars on topics related to building a startup. Startups can also take advantage of the Co-Lab’s research labs and industry liaisons.

The team includes former CEO of Pixelworks and co-founder of a successful software company, Trees, as well as an entrepreneur with 30 years of experience. Alley also serves on the board of the Technology Association of Oregon. Incubators and accelerators are typically co-founded by successful founders, and these founders bring their own experience and unique perspectives to the table. Founders also get to share their successes and failures.

Mercy Corps NW

If you’re considering launching a new business, Mercy Corps NW offers a range of services, including training and mentoring. It also hosts a women’s business center. In addition to its incubator and accelerator program, the Mercy Corps NW SBDC also provides small business grants and educational programs. Other small business resources in the region include TenX, a global organization that offers free courses, seminars, and content for entrepreneurs.

Other resources for startups include the Portland State Business Accelerator, a nonprofit that provides mentorship and networking opportunities. Oregon’s Bioscience Association provides support and guidance for entrepreneurs, including incubator space, funding, and mentors. The Oregon Nanoscience and Microtechnologies Institute (ONMI) supports commercialization of scientific research, while the Oregon Entrepreneurs Network (OEN) facilitates a network of mentors for emerging companies.

The Portland Seed Fund is another local accelerator that provides capital and connections for startups. Its program matches companies with students pursuing graduate degrees. It also hosts the Portland Startup Weekend, a 54-hour frenzy of coding, designing, and business model creation. The Oregon State Business Accelerator has office and lab space, monthly CEO meetings, and topic-related brown-bags. During the program, companies learn more about the business and the entrepreneurial community.


If you are considering an incubator or accelerator to help you with your new venture, Oregon has several options. Incubators and accelerators are dedicated to the growth and development of Oregon businesses, and Business Oregon has been instrumental in the establishment of several programs. OSU’s research, development and commercialization ecosystem houses faculty labs for advanced manufacturing and other facilities for lease by industry partners. Incubators in Oregon also work with mentors to help startups find the right kind of funding and support to get started.

FertiLab is an incubator in Eugene, Oregon. Their goal is to connect entrepreneurs to important resources and services, including education, mentorship, business planning, and co-working space. In addition to these programs, FertiLab offers biotech research labs, prototyping shops, and co-working space. FertiLab also offers several free services to help startups grow their companies.

Portland Seed Fund

If you’re a startup founder in Oregon and looking for an accelerator, consider the Portland Seed Fund. A privately managed fund, the Portland Seed Fund offers mentoring, connections, and seed funding to startups. Portland Seed Fund financing comes in the form of convertible notes so companies can follow-up after completing the program. It also includes training sessions and mentor guidance. You can’t go wrong with this option.

The Portland Seed Fund is one of the top-performing early-stage venture funds in the state. It provides startup founders with resources and coaching to help them scale their company. They also offer training and advice on marketing and distributing their products. Incubator programs are also offered by the Oregon Association of Minority Entrepreneurs, TIE Oregon, the University of Oregon Small Business Development Center, and the Micro-Enterprise Inventors Program.

Incubators are an essential part of starting a business. In order to get the most out of your investment, you need a program that can help you grow your company. The Portland Seed Fund helps you find the right accelerator for your business. It is part of the Portland Seed Fund and also has a seed fund that provides $25k to help your startup start out. The program is open to all types of startups, but it is best for early-stage companies.

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