Incubators and Accelerator Programs for Startups in Michigan

Incubators are programs that support early-stage startups to help them achieve profitability and success by offering them valuable resources. Accelerators on the hand “accelerate” growth of an existing company and are more focused on up-scaling a business. 

Incubators and Accelerator programs are a great way to launch a new company. The SBDC’s incubator program can help a Michigan start-up get off the ground. Listed below are some of the programs available in the state. There are plenty of other options, too.

As a Michigan startup founder, you can benefit from many resources that are available to you. You can contact the Michigan Small Business Development Center, which offers free consulting and business support services. You can also start your own accelerator program in Michigan. Some great options for a start-up in Michigan include the gBETA accelerator program, the Conquer Accelerator, and the Hatch Business Development Center.

gBETA accelerator program

The gBETA accelerator program is a free, intensive coaching program for healthcare-related startups in Macomb County, Michigan. The program works with startup founders in the early stages to help them gain early customer traction. During the program, participants are provided with a network of mentors and resources, including the Macomb County angel network. The program is designed to help companies get an early customer traction and establish metrics.

The gBETA accelerator program is one of the top incubator programs in the country. The Velocity Center is located in Sterling Heights and provides space, programming, and support to entrepreneurs. It is the economic center for Macomb County, and the Velocity Center offers a gBETA program for startup founders. The incubator is a partnership between Macomb County and Oakland University. It has been in operation for seven years and has supported over 1000 startups.

The gBETA accelerator program is a grant-in-aid project of the National Science & Technology Entrepreneurship Development Board. Its focus area is herbal health. The incubator will invest up to USD $150k in a company at an early stage. Betatron’s partners are passionate about investing in startup founders that will address climate challenges in Asia. Its mission is to foster the growth of these companies in Michigan.

Conquer Accelerator

Startups in Michigan often face a challenge in the early stages of their development. In order to grow their businesses, they need to attract investors. The Conquer Accelerator program in Michigan offers $20,000 in seed funding, tailored mentorship, access to a network of investors and more to help startup founders scale their business. It also provides 10-weeks of mentorship for startup founders. During the 10-week program, teams work toward customized benchmarks to help them reach their goals and prepare for growth. After completing the program, the teams join Red Cedar Ventures’ portfolio, which focuses on helping startups move from the start-up phase into the growth stage. Since its inception, the Conquer Accelerator has supported 35 startup companies, raising more than $31 million in additional funding. Its founders are underrepresented in the tech startup world, and many of these companies have had a successful exit.

Spartan Innovations is a new incubator in Grand Rapids, Michigan. The incubator is partnering with MSU’s College of Human Medicine to expand and enhance its business incubator space. The incubator will cover 18,000 square feet and provide support to startup founders. The Douglas Meijer Medical Innovation Building will also house a collaboration between healthcare and private industry teams. The incubator’s shared space allows companies to work with each other, foster public-private partnerships and foster relationships between tenants.


The NextEnergy SBDC is a state-sponsored business incubator that provides a range of services to support high-tech and early-stage startup companies in Michigan. Its resources include lab and office space, business consulting, and training. Other services include the MTEC SmartZone, which connects early-stage tech companies and Fortune 500 companies. The NextEnergy SBDC also offers technology assessments, management consulting services, and access to demonstration and lab facilities. Additionally, the center’s services include matchmaking and workshops to connect startup companies with alternative energy assets.

For Paul Bussard and Paul Fox, the SBDC helped them turn their vision into reality. Their consultant reviewed their business plan and created cash flow projections to help them secure a loan for their company. They also connected them with lenders and other resources to help them secure financing. The incubator, located in Detroit’s Washington Square, has a sophisticated atmosphere and provides access to professional services.

The NextEnergy SBDC incubator is a government-backed accelerator focused on creating smarter, cleaner solutions for cities. It supports key players in creating transformative solutions that will benefit communities and the environment. While most accelerators focus on creating new products, NextEnergy focuses on disrupting industries and identifying solutions that will benefit everyone. NextEnergy also provides the necessary technical guidance. Its Plug and Play program targets disruptive solutions and provides office space to startup founders to develop their solutions.


You can also join the Hatch SBDC incubator accelerator. It helps entrepreneurs launch and grow their business in a supportive environment. Many universities also offer incubators and accelerators for student entrepreneurs.

Another option is the Muskegon Innovation Hub. This accelerator is specifically geared toward technology startups in Michigan and offers grants, mentorship, and business-building skills training to help entrepreneurs reach their potential. The Michigan Life Science and Innovation Center offers wet lab space for startups, as well as networking and educational opportunities. The Michigan Manufacturing Technology Center can also assist startups and small companies with their website design needs. The Michigan Pre-Seed Fund can also provide match-funding for professional design services.

HUSTLE Demo Day for Startups has recognized two startups that are advancing national security and economic competitiveness. This program is also helping to increase the number of young companies that are thriving in Michigan. It’s important for startups to have the support of the state to succeed in Michigan. The Hatch SBDC is one of the most recognized incubators for startup founders in the state, and it’s a great place to get started.


If you are looking for a place to start your new business, SPARK SBDC in Ann Arbor, Michigan, is a great choice. The program offers professional business services that help grow technology-based companies. Startups enrolled in the SPARK incubator program will have access to co-working space, office space, and mentorship programs led by experienced regional business leaders. The incubator also hosts regular events for entrepreneurs and job seekers. In addition, SPARK offers grants for bootstrapped companies.

SPARK is a nonprofit accelerator for startup founders in Ann Arbor, Michigan. It is a special project of the Community Foundation for Southeast Michigan that aims to develop an inclusive entrepreneurial ecosystem for the region. Its programs include the Motor City Match, which matches new businesses to available Detroit real estate. Motor City Match provides startup-focused funding and resources that help fuel the entrepreneurial revolution in the Detroit region. These programs help startups build a stronger community, while improving the quality of life for residents.

While SPARK SBDC has been around for a decade, it is the first of its kind to focus on tech-based businesses in Michigan. With over 100 startups participating, it is an incubator that provides both the tools and the expertise that startups need to grow. And if you are thinking of launching a tech-based business, this program may be the best option for you. It will help you find funding, network with potential investors, and make valuable connections in the business community.


If you want to find funding for your start-up, the SBDC is a great place to start. These centers provide the tools and resources necessary for new business entrepreneurs to succeed. If you want to start a company, they also help with business plans, mentorship, and networking. Additionally, they provide office space at discounted rates and educational programs to help your business succeed. The SBDC has centers in many cities across the state, including Grand Rapids.

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