Incubator Accelerator For Startup Founder in Georgia

Incubators and accelerators are not the same. There are many different types and you may need to choose one based on the requirements of your business. There are SBDCs in Georgia that will help you get started. These accelerators include Engage, ExCITE, Dreamit, and Google for Startups Atlanta. While they are not perfect, they will help you get your business off the ground and on the way to success.


The ExCITE SBDC incubator in Atlanta offers its members an opportunity to start or grow a business in the state of Georgia. The program is designed to help founders of early stage companies achieve financial success. Startups can get access to a network of experienced mentors and resources, including an extensive list of potential investors. In addition to mentoring, the incubator offers access to a community of entrepreneurs, a curriculum, and coaching.

The incubator houses twenty-one startups in different stages of development. The incubator provides a set of services free of charge. It can also help its startups apply for STTR or SBIR grants and has onboard partners like Silicon Valley Bank and Square 1 Bank. It also provides low-cost, fixed-price accounting services and an access to a CFO. ExCITE also offers referrals to a number of CROs.

Another free incubator in Atlanta is Start.ME, which is delivered by the Emory Goizueta Business School. Another free accelerator is Techstars Atlanta, a nonprofit accelerator powered by Cox Enterprises that helps entrepreneurs create businesses that will create a positive impact in the community. The Urban League of Greater Atlanta also supports entrepreneurs and hosts the Entrepreneurship Center. Goodie Nation, a collective impact initiative launched by TiE Atlanta Angels, is a program designed to help diverse-led startups and build relationships with corporations.

The ExCITE program has an abundance of resources to help startup founders grow their businesses. Its co-working space, workshops, mentorship, and grants help startups grow. The EPIC SBDC also offers access to capital and free consulting from entrepreneurs in residence. Its mentors are skilled professionals with real-world experience. With access to the resources of the state, ExCITE is a great incubator option for founders of startup companies in Georgia.


The Dreamit SBDC is a state-funded incubator accelerator that provides support for early-stage startup companies. Its mission is to help startups find the capital they need to scale up and grow. The incubator offers training, mentorship, and community connections for startup founders. Incubator program participants will have access to top-tier mentors, business coaches, and resources to help them build successful businesses.

The Dreamit accelerator program is a two-year, multi-city, venture-capital-backed program that focuses on growth. The Dreamit team offers access to investors, sales pipelines, and other resources to help startups reach their potential. The accelerator focuses on two different programs: urban tech and health tech. The Dreamit Health program offers startups access to the largest tech network in the health industry. The Dreamit UrbanTech program focuses on urban tech startups that can integrate their products into payers and gain customers.

ExCITE offers an environment for startups to work in, and provides workshops, mentorship, and grant funding. ExCITE also houses 21 startups at various stages of development. Some of the graduates include DeepBits, the first Bluetooth-based social network, StarNav, Apsidal, and Globe BioMedical, which is changing the world’s eye-care. In addition to these startups, the ExCITE incubator also offers a number of educational programs for kids in STEAM fields.

If your startup is based in Georgia, the Dreamit SBDC incubator accelerator for startup founder in Georgia may be a great option for you. Dreamit’s renowned mentors can provide valuable guidance and resources to help startups launch and grow. The program is also a great opportunity for networking and bonding among startup founders. If the program doesn’t fit your needs, don’t hesitate to look elsewhere.

Google for Startups Atlanta Founders Academy

As the second year of Google for Startups’ Founders Academy program comes to an end, the company has launched new offerings for Atlanta-based tech startups. The four-month program is an equity-free incubator accelerator for startup founders and will provide tools and expertise to help them grow their revenue and raise capital. The application deadline is March 9, and the program begins April 1.

EyeGage has been chosen as one of 50 recipients for the second batch of the Google for Startups program for startups. The program, which is an equity-free, six-month accelerator program, helps promising startup founders grow and obtain capital. The startup’s founder, Dr. LaVonda Brown, developed the technology after being a victim of drug addiction. The program also includes new initiatives that support black founders in Georgia.

The first cohort of the program began on March 3, and will consist of intensive workshops covering customer acquisition, hiring, and fundraising. The program was piloted last year in Atlanta and featured 45 local startups. As the program continues to expand, participants will learn how to go to market and how to build a large technology footprint by 2022. By the end of the program, attendees will have built an MVP and beta version of their startup.

A unique community of tech entrepreneurs is emerging in Atlanta. From cybersecurity and fintech startups to fashion and health tech companies, the city is home to hundreds of startups. Its tech ecosystem boasts 275,000 college students and has attracted more than a hundred tech IPOs and acquisitions. It is no wonder Atlanta is referred to as Transaction Alley. If you’re interested in becoming a tech startup founder, Google for Startups Atlanta is an excellent way to start.


The Engage SBDC incubator accelerator for startup founder in Georgia provides access to capital and mentors for startups in the state of Atlanta. The program is open to people of color and women. Entrepreneurs can participate for a four-month program that includes mentorship from seasoned professionals. Those who participate should have an MVP or beta stage of their business before applying for the program. These resources are not just for tech startups; they are also open to social entrepreneurs, social enterprises, and other forms of technology.

The Engage SBDC incubator is a collaborative effort of Georgia Tech’s Advanced Technology Development Center (ATDC). The ATDC works with early stage technology companies in Atlanta and provides assistance with grant writing and business planning. The program also offers Lunch-n-Learn events that feature expert speakers. Cowork at the ATDC is a co-working space designed to help startup founders network with other members. Incubator companies can take advantage of expert connections from the university and outside Georgia.

Founded by T-Mobile and Georgia Tech, the Engage SBDC incubator is a unique collaboration between a public entity and a commercial provider. The program is open to all types of startups, including startups, and can help a company raise funding. By providing mentorship, resources and coaching, the Engage SBDC can help entrepreneurs launch and grow a successful business. Its community includes university students, mentors, and a global network of entrepreneurs.

The Engage SBDC incubator is a nonprofit that provides a structured, objective-based program for entrepreneurs. The program is designed to help companies grow over a three-year period. Companies with a positive impact on the local economy may be the recipients of this program. If you are interested in participating in this program, check out the Engage SBDC website for more information. And don’t forget to join our Facebook page.

Morehouse School of Medicine

The Morehouse School of Medicine SBDC incubator accelerator program is designed to help health tech startups develop a successful product and scale their business. The program provides access to experienced entrepreneurs and industry partners as well as one-on-one coaching. The MSM is a nationally recognized medical school and also has affiliate programs at Spelman College and Morehouse College. The MSM SBDC incubator program enables health tech startups to connect with investors and customers.

Morehouse College’s SBDC incubator accelerator program helps entrepreneurs create a successful company. This program provides mentorship, grant funding, and equity investments to startup founders. Startups are encouraged to pitch their ideas to investors and get feedback to refine their business. The SBDC incubator program is free to entrepreneurs, and is open to people of any race or background. It also includes a startup accelerator program that helps students build a business plan.

The Atlanta area is becoming a hotbed for startup entrepreneurs. The city is known for southern hospitality and Georgia peaches, and is growing an thriving startup ecosystem. According to Crunchbase, the Atlanta startup ecosystem has attracted $900 million in funding since 2013.

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