SBDC Incubator Accelerator For Startup Founder in Georgia

As a startup founder, you can use the SBDC incubator accelerator in Georgia to find funding and business mentors. The SBDC is a nonprofit organization which helps small businesses succeed. Startup founders can benefit from their services by becoming members. The SBDC also helps businesses grow through sponsored events. These events help entrepreneurs reach a wider customer base. Founder Institute is one such program. You can also find more information about SBDC programs in Atlanta.

Founder Institute

Founder Institute is a Silicon Valley-based network that works with early stage entrepreneurs in Georgia. They offer highly structured programs to help entrepreneurs turn their ideas into sustainable companies. In fact, the Founder Institute has helped over 5,000 entrepreneurs launch and grow their companies. The incubator also has one of the largest networks of startup advisors in the world. By working together, they can help entrepreneurs find the right funding and grow their business.

Founder Institute is the world’s leading idea-stage accelerator and launch program, which provides mentorship, resources, and a network for new startups. It is an affiliate of Golden Seeds, an early stage investment firm that focuses on women-led startups. The Renaissance Entrepreneurship Center provides small business training and support services to foster lasting economic development. Its mission is to help entrepreneurs achieve their goals by creating jobs and helping the community prosper.

Developing a solid marketing plan is essential to the success of your startup. It will help you identify your target market and increase your revenue. An effective marketing plan will also help you define your target audience and identify channels for reaching them. The plan will become the basis for your marketing efforts, and will act as your ‘guiding light’. You will need a marketing plan if you plan to pursue outside capital or investor funding for your startup.


The ExCITE SBDC incubator in Atlanta is a state-of-the-art accelerator for startup entrepreneurs. Currently housing 21 startups of various stages, the accelerator aims to help startup founders develop and grow their companies. In addition to offering a comprehensive startup toolkit, the incubator offers discounted bundles of services from local banks and firms. These bundles include HR benefits, accounting services, and CRO referrals.

The program helps tech-related startups in Georgia find investors, access to mentors, and resources. The program is a competitive, invitation-only cohort. Startup founders in the program will have to be fully dedicated to growing their companies. Fortunately, there are a variety of mentors who can help them. One of the best-known mentors is Dr. X, who has extensive experience in working with startups.

The program also provides access to mentors and free co-working space. ExCITE’s graduate startups include DeepBits, SmartBot360, Apsidal, and StarNav. Globe BioMedical is a startup that is revolutionizing the way eyes are treated. Blue Social is a social network for kids. The program also provides training for kids in STEAM fields. Startup founders who have gone through the program are encouraged to stay in Riverside, citing the high-caliber talent and vibrant downtown as reasons for their decision.


The EPIC SBDC incubator is a non-profit organization that provides early stage financial assistance to startups. The organization provides access to investors and mentors and helps startups develop sustainable businesses. Its goal is to provide a dynamic environment that allows startups to thrive. The program offers mentorship programs to startups in various industries and is open to inventions based on science and technology. Entrepreneurs in Georgia can take advantage of this opportunity by applying to the program.

The EPIC SBDC incubator has a focus on agricultural technologies, including greenhouses. In addition to providing access to capital, EPIC SBDC also offers co-working space, workshops, and mentorship to help entrepreneurs launch and grow their companies. The incubator provides services to support startups through various grants, free consulting sessions with entrepreneurs in residence, and training programs. Applicants should also be willing to work with a mentor in order to find the right business solution.

The BBI is part of the Nathaniel H. Bronner, Sr. Center, which provides grant funding to early-stage startups. It also provides loans and equity investment to companies. Additionally, BBI offers a free small business training program, Start.ME, which offers business-building tools to help new entrepreneurs build successful businesses. There are also numerous other business-support programs in the area, including the Georgia Tech Venture Lab.


The Startup Incubator Program is a great way to get your business off the ground. Startup accelerators offer the opportunity to meet other entrepreneurs who are in the same position as you. During this program, entrepreneurs are given hands-on training to grow their business. They are also connected to capital providers and receive grants for growth. Startups in Atlanta can also take advantage of the Accelerator Program at Techstars, a startup accelerator based in Georgia. This program runs for 3 months and provides startups with capital, mentorship, and a network of experts. Applications are open six times a year, and the program offers in-person training and virtual programs.

Atlanta has an emerging tech startup community. Many incubators and accelerators are in the area. The Atlanta Tech Village provides mentorship and curriculum focused on sustainable business growth. For the EO Accelerator, founders must be Georgia-based and have previous startup experience. Founders must be in the beta or MVP stages to apply. In addition, companies must be in a growth phase in order to be eligible.


SMASHD Labs is an SBDC incubator accelerator for startup founders in Atlanta that offers a variety of services to startups. The organization provides a variety of resources, including mentor programs, education and networking opportunities. One resource, Cross Culture Ventures, provides early access to promising startups. Startups accepted into the program are being evaluated for investment. Other resources include mentors, seed space, and free mentoring.

The program’s goals are ambitious, as it emphasizes the importance of diversity. It includes corporate partners, angel/seed stage venture investors, and startup ecosystems. The program focuses on diversity within the organization, including founders and advisors with a variety of backgrounds and perspectives. SMASHD is located in the heart of Atlanta, and is ideal for companies in Atlanta. The program is designed to give founders an opportunity to test and improve their ideas.

Atlanta is an emerging startup city. Several incubators and accelerators are based in the city. The Atlanta Tech Village provides mentorship services and curriculum aimed at sustainable business growth. The Atlanta Ventures Studio helps entrepreneurs who are working on their companies. Both the incubator and accelerators focus on early stage businesses. The latter requires Georgia-based startup founders with previous experience. The program also offers a variety of educational resources for those who are new to the startup world.


If you’re looking for a new opportunity to grow your business, the Dreamit SBDC incubator accelerator for startup entrepreneurs in Georgia can be the right fit. This venture capital firm focuses on helping startups scale and grow, giving them access to investors, a sales pipeline and many other resources. The accelerator has two distinct programs that target specific verticals: Dreamit Health and Dreamit UrbanTech. Dreamit Health is a tech network for startups in the health care industry, and Dreamit UrbanTech is focused on helping startups in urban areas scale their businesses.

The CollabTech incubator is located on the campus of Georgia State University. This facility offers 13,000 square feet of laboratory space, administrative offices, a large conference room, and access to tenured faculty members. The Advanced Technology Development Center, also in Georgia, is a business incubator that helps entrepreneurs launch companies. The program focuses on helping early-stage companies with a minimum viable product and customer acquisition, as well as helping them develop and launch their products. The incubator helps companies in fields including big data, healthcare, e-commerce, finance, and marketing.

While there are many incubators in the Atlanta area, there are a few characteristics of the best programs. Most of these programs are private and run by entrepreneurs and program directors. The directors often take equity stakes in the startups they mentor, so they can be more hands-on with the startups. The educational offerings vary from incubator to incubator, but most focus on intensive education. Guest speakers lead seminars and presentations, while professional service providers provide mentorship and lessons.

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