SBDC Incubator Accelerator For Startup Founder in California

When looking for an incubator, a SBDC is a great resource to turn to. This organization provides access to mentors and a network of support for new and established companies. In California, there are many SBDC incubators that help startups start and grow. This article will provide a quick overview of a few of them. These programs include the Bixel Exchange, Office of Technology Partnerships (OTP), Disney Accelerator, and Triphase Accelerator.

Bixel Exchange

If you’re a technology startup looking for help with business strategy and fundraising, Bixel Exchange SBDC incubator accelerator in California is an excellent option. This incubator and accelerator is part of the Los Angeles Area Chamber of Commerce and provides free services to LA tech startups. It works with the Los Angeles Regional SBDC Network and the Small Business Administration to help startup founders develop a viable business plan.

Launchpad LA is an organization that helps young entrepreneurs grow their businesses. It combines the best venture capitalists and executives in Southern California with a select group of service providers. The program aims to help LA-based startups grow into thriving businesses. Launchpad LA provides the startup founders with mentoring and connections to build their businesses. They are also connected with angel investors and other investors.

The program was developed in partnership with the Brookings Institution, Microsoft, and Chamber of Commerce and has 50 industry and government influencers. This program promotes diversity and inclusion in the workforce and addresses issues that affect communities. For example, by 2022, an estimated 75 million jobs will be lost to automation, robotics, and AI. Creating new jobs for diverse workers is crucial for the economic health of the nation.

The program’s directors include Miki Reynolds and Shawn Reynolds. Together, they have 15 years of experience in Silicon Valley and are committed to helping founders achieve their goals. Both are entrepreneurs with a passion for growing startup companies. Previously, they co-founded a startup called Solve (Y Combinator S17). In three months, it grew from $0 to $70K MRR. They are currently entrepreneur-in-residence at Guthy Renker and advisors to a number of early-stage startups.

Office of Technology Partnerships (OTP)

Interested in applying for an entrepreneur-in-residence position? The University of California, Riverside is looking for a candidate to support its startup and technology commercialization programs. The position has a starting salary of $71K with the potential to rise to $137K. The job involves evaluating startups and companies that seek resources through the SBIR/STTR programs. The successful candidate will have the support of a team of industry experts.

ExCITE is a business accelerator located in Riverside, California. It provides co-working space, mentorship, and training for entrepreneurs. ExCITE also assists startups with access to business capital, grants, and other resources. This program is a partnership between the university and the city of Riverside. The office of Technology Partnerships (OTP) SBDC incubator accelerator for startup founder in California boasts of many features to help startup entrepreneurs grow their company.

OTP’s office-funded incubator program provides support for California entrepreneurs, and is an excellent way to get started with your business. The office offers assistance to startups, and a team of SBDC advisers is available to help entrepreneurs succeed. The program also provides a network of business contacts. Startup founders can also attend classes and workshops at local universities. The office also hosts a startup accelerator for Israeli companies in Los Angeles.

The program’s leadership team includes Andrea McLaughlin, a successful senior executive and serial entrepreneur. She has more than 20 years’ experience in the tech industry. Her entrepreneurial experience includes co-founding a startup in the Bay Area and growing it into a $100M business. Throughout her entrepreneurial career, Minnie has learned the value of great teams and leveraging a startup’s strengths and weaknesses to create a successful business.

Disney Accelerator

The new program will be a joint venture between the Walt Disney Company and the California SBDC incubator, providing $120,000 each for 10 startups. During this time, the companies will receive mentorship from Disney executives and other experts in the entertainment and tech industries. The program will also include access to resources from Walt Disney’s divisions. Startups participating in the program will have the opportunity to work with a variety of Disney executives.

The program will be based in Los Angeles, with the application deadline of April 16. Once accepted, each participating company will be showcased to investors on an investor demo day in September. The program will focus on entertainment and technology startups, but will also support the needs of startups that want to enter the Disney ecosystem. Founded in 2009, the Liba Pita Shop in Oakland began as a food truck and grew to a brick-and-mortar restaurant and is expected to operate until 2020.

Another SBDC incubator in California is the Disney Accelerator, which has three locations in Los Angeles. The program is powered by Techstars and offers investment amounts of up to $120,000 each. In addition to the Disney Accelerator, Techstars LA also offers an investment of up to $120,000. Both accelerators focus on the entertainment industry. In addition, they work with other powerful industry partners. The program also accepts startups in the media, music, and materials industries.

Triphase Accelerator

The SBDC incubation programs are designed to help entrepreneurs start and grow businesses. The accelerator programs run by the SBDC help start-ups by providing seed capital, mentorship and advice on exit and acquisition strategies. Startups that participate in the SBDC incubator accelerator program typically receive funding in the range of $75,000 to $100,000 in exchange for six to seven percent equity. The accelerator programs also help startups secure outside funding.

The program aims to assist early-stage companies in developing their business plans and securing angel investors. The program consists of four cycles that end in Demo Days attended by top investors and influencers. The program is open to all tech companies regardless of location. The programs are offered at various locations throughout California and other states. Some of the incubator programs are free. However, you must apply in advance.

The application process for the Triphase Accelerator is rigorous and requires thorough preparation. The applicants must have completed product validation before they apply to the program. After several months of mentorship, these startups should have sufficient market traction to attract investors. Startups should fill out an application that includes basic details about their business. An interview will follow in which a representative will evaluate the company’s investability, revenue potential, and overall strength of the product/service offering.

The ExCITE program offers a co-working space and a mentorship program to help startups grow their businesses. They also offer a demo day at the end of the program in October. In addition to the incubator, the company provides investors, co-working space in Los Angeles, and mentorship from top executives of the company. While the ExCITE program is focused on startup growth, Disney plans to use its graduates’ technologies within its own business. After completing the program, all companies retain their IP.

OpenNest Labs

An incubator is a place where you can start a new business. Generally, an incubator is a non-profit organization that provides services to start-ups. Some incubators are privately run, while others are affiliated with a university. Incubators can be for-profit or nonprofit, state-funded, or both. They will help you launch your business and provide resources to help you succeed.

The OpenNest Labs SBDC incubator accelerator in California is a unique program that offers intensive support for early-stage companies. The program has four cycles per year, culminating in Demo Days attended by some of the best investors and influencers in the industry. Its mission is to help new companies become successful and grow. Startup founders who complete the program will be able to gain access to a wide network of mentors and investors.

If you are a startup founder and are interested in launching a business, you can choose one of the many startup accelerators that are located throughout California. Many of these programs offer mentoring and office space, and you can choose the one that best suits your needs. For example, Koh Founders assists startups in the field of digital healthcare. Another incubator for a startup founder is Disruptive Labs, which focuses on building technology businesses. Finally, there are several SBDCs that focus on helping marijuana-related companies and are no-equity.

OpenNest Labs has a mission to develop a portfolio of cannabis consumer products and services. They also promote the use of cannabis as a force for good. The eCompanies SBDC incubator offers a venture capital component and a Big Data Incubator. Other incubators in California include Think Beyond Plastic, which focuses on sustainable chemistry and bio-friendly materials. Strong Atomics invests in nuclear fusion entrepreneurs.

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