The present disclosure relates to a improved multi-dimensional chromatography system and process using selectable At-Column Dilution to improve compatibility of the interface and move involving the multiple measurements. The use of At-Column Dilution (“ACD”) with multi-colored chromatography can provide increased retention of the redirected elements on succeeding stationary periods, and increase the sensitivity and peak shape of the component(s) separated on succeeding measurements.


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Chromatography involves the separation of a combination of components by passing the components, included within a mobile phase, through a stationary phase having distinct affinities for each component. The split components may be identifiedand/or quantified using many different detectors. A normal chromatography system involves a single column, or dimension, including the stationary phase. Among the basic limitations of conventional chromatographic methods is the restricted number ofcomponents which may be resolved in a single analysis.

This limitation can be addressed using multi-dimensional chromatography. As an instance, in two-dimensional chromatography a particular set of elements is transferred to a second separation column. The group of elements is typically onethat isn’t well separated on the first dimension and may co-elute in a single peak or band. The group of elements, however, can be better separated on the second separation column. The second separation column typically comes with an orthogonal style ofseparation when compared with the original separation column.

To derive the full benefit of the second chromatography column, and of multi-dimensional chromatography, the port and transfer between the two dimensions should be harmonious. With many multi-dimensional chromatography techniques, andespecially those involving orthogonal modes of separation, the port and transfer aren’t compatible. The mobile phases used for its orthogonal chromatography manners are primarily responsible for the incompatibility.

The present disclosure relates to an enhanced multi-level chromatography system and method using selectable At-Column Dilution to boost compatibility of the interface and transfer between multiple measurements.

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