A metal fabric (10) includes a sheet shape, using metal threads for warp (30) as the twist, and metal threads for weft (20) as the weft, wherein each of the metal threads for warp (30) along with the metal threads for weft (20) has a mean diameter of 0.03 mm or larger and 0.09 mm or bigger, the metal threads for warp (30) along with the metal threads for weft (20) could be plain-woven, and also the metal fabric (10) can be formed in a square with a side of 100 mm or more and 200 mm or shorter.


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Technical Field


This invention relates to a metallic fabric, a sheet set that includes a plurality of the metallic fabrics, a decoration folded from the metallic fabric, stationery and a container, and a method of fabricating the container.


Related Art


Origami is a conventional plaything having been passed down in Japan. Origami, as its name suggests, is made of paper that may be folded into a desired shape, after folded along fold lines formed under pressurizing force exerted throughfingers. Paper is nevertheless liable to degrade if brought into contact with light, water, fungi and so forth, so that it is difficult for your folded work to maintain its final form that could be appreciated over a long duration of time. For the same reason,it has been difficult as well to use the folded origami work for a decoration (attachment ) to be attached to a person’s own body or belongings.

JP-A-2002-154190 reveals an origami that consists of a sheet article having interior thereof a metallic core for ensuring plasticity and a fiber-reinforced resin (FRP) coating, and using paper laminated on the outer surface of the FRP coating. Forthe metal core for ensuring plasticity, a wire mesh or a thin perforated alloy is used. With the metallic core for ensuring plasticity integrated therein, the blossom has reportedly been given a high power, and managed to keep its final type aftercrafted.

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